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Adam Lambert’s Earrings – The Most Obvious Plug Ever….

Adam Lambert On American Idol

Did you like them on him? He performed Aftermath on American Idol last night. The  Idol Alum used to wear diamond stud earrings, but has since moved on with the intention of bigger as better. I’m still speaking of earrings mind you… Adam Lambert wears what’s called gauges; earrings that look just like PLUGS. After getting them pierced, it gradually stretches to whatever size earring hole that the person desires. Word is that  the process is painful. Raise a hand if you’re totally shocked and surprised… Lambert looks like the type that’s into pain doesn’t he though? I just hope he doesn’t take it as far as the Plug Guy who I’ve so graciously pictured for you below. The only thing that might be as equally painful to watch is seeing Lambert do the Dougie, after a quick how-to as promised from Jennifer Lopez.

 Teach me how to Dougie……..

Plug Guy

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