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Unique Backpacks for Girls – The Bookbag Styles You Won’t Ever Take Off

Unique backpacks for girls. I know, right about now you’re probably sunny-season cringing at the thought of returning back to school, but the shopping for backpacks part? Well, that’s exactly...

05 08 2018 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Unicorn Accessories – Or Why Grown Adults Love a Horse with a Horn

Unicorn accessories are a definite “thing.” Unicorns can best be described as a MYTHICAL (not real) horse with a straight horn projecting from its forehead. But try and convince that they're...

19 02 2018 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Fashion Bags Mini – Why It Girls and Style Icons Love It So

Fashion Bags SPOTTED. I spy---songstress celebrity Taylor Swift with a Celine Mini Bag. Wait. I spy Social media Chick and  Lip Kit Peddling Kylie Jenner with a Balenciaga mini bag. Gigi Hadid and...

19 03 2016 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
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