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The Monogram Necklace | A-Z Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

The monogram necklace; the idea of its ability to be uniquely cool takes this fashion blogger back to a time when statement necklaces spoke directly to who you were. It was...

07 08 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
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Best Mothers Day Quotes | Put it on Some Jewelry as a Gift ASAP

Best Mothers Day Quotes. Like Ever in Life. And you’re SO WELCOME. With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, there’s lots of scrambling around going on for individuals seeking...

07 05 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Mother’s Day – Surefire The-Pain-Was-So-Worth-It Accessories Gifts

Mother's Day is upon us again. Your mother is never going to forget the day that you cane into the world. Go on,  it doesn't even have to be Mother's...

02 05 2015 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
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