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Who-Is-Dapper-Dan-of Harlem
Who Is Dapper Dan? | The Man, The Monogram, The Mastermind Behind the Most Fashionable

So who is Dapper Dan? I’m sure that Jay-Z and Beyoncé won’t mind if I borrow an appropriate line from one of their chart-topping songs. Dapper Dan didn’t just beat...

13 10 2018 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Perspex Heels,Clear Fashion Accessories, Trendy to CLASSIC Chick

Clear Fashion Accessories, the transparent fashion trend, perspex heels, it's all apparently on every woman's style radar.  And for clothing accessories that are so evidently see through----I find it ironic...

04 07 2018 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Vans Shoes—No SURFBOARD Why Itgirls Prefer Keeping it SIMPLE

Vans shoes for women they’re LITERALLY at every turn here in New York City----and none of the females that I see are balancing atop a skateboard, BMX bike riding or...

08 05 2018 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
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