What is a Bralette? | Why Your Underwear Drawer Needs at Least One


Do you own a Bralette?  Let's get straight to the definition of what it is, and I'm going to take it to a point where we might get---personal. The word itself sounds so cute doesn't it? If you're reading this blog post, then you may have come across the word bralette somewhere during an online visit. Let me guess, Instagram.


You and I will get to the bottom of what all of the IG (Instagram) fuss is all about. No, not the MEINAIER Self Adhesive Bra For Backless Dress, Reusable Push Up Invisible Women Bra.


The one where you pull the string and it boasts on making your boobs bigger with a lift. Back to the bralette---Chicks have been slipping into this particular garment like they're the next big Victoria's Secret runway model.


Coincidentally, bralettes are totally worth all of the hype (worthy of at the very least a try-on). Don't panic, there's one that can compliment practically any body type. I'll also point you in the direction of where you can get one that you can call your own. All that you're required to do is continue reading across the page.


braletteSo....a bralette is like the long lost cousin of the traditional bra. Yes, it's in the bra family, but it can't help you in a pinch (the padded stuff not-so-much), because it's out there doing it's own thing. It sort of dances to the beat of its own drum, free of underwire and confinement (insert the sounds of an amazing drummer going heavy on the thump.


You know that the music is good when you can feel it to your soul like a member of the Alvin Ailey Dance Troop. Bralettes come in a few forms. There's the lacy bralette which is more delicate, the strappy bralette, which is hands down vixen temptress, or the more athletic looking sporty bralette, which you very well could be showing off to impress your date with.


You'd generally see them in a racerback version. Perhaps you're going on a hike, or doing anything semi-athletic. Here's all that you need to remember for now. Unlike most bras; the bralette undergarment is made TO BE SEEN. I have to pause this post for a sec. Does anyone remember our cherished songstress Aaliyah? May she rest in peace (1979-2001).


As a fashion accessories blogger, I'd like to give her the biggest props ever for representing the bralette top with such full class and style. Here's a throwback to one of her videos where the starlet showed us her talent and epic style. (Thank you AaliyahMusicVideo).


Bralette Tops - 3 Things to Automatically Like About Them


Bralette tops have actually changed the game when it comes to lingerie and women's underwear. It gives you the authority to be creative and in control with how you put your "girls" on display.


1.They give you the power of mystery. Yep, there's no need to get raunchy. This blogger believes that a girl doesn't always have to put it all "out there." You can leave something to the imagination. This type of womanly underwear CAN lend that air of mystery underneath a dress, or say a blazer. Going topless is hella risky. Besides, you may not want to hold your goodies together with a wish and a prayer.


2.Bralettes can be mega stylish. They really can. They come in sooooo many different varieties. The fashion designers have gotten really creative with the patterns and the way the straps are arranged. Think the intricacies of Charlotte's Web. If you're already sold on this fashion item and want to come back to reading this post after, then go here and grab yourself one or more now.


3.This brings us to the third reason to like bralettes. They're incredibly reasonably priced. In other words, you won't have to lose sleep worrying over bralettes on sale. When you think of it as an accessory of sorts, this makes plenty of sense, and we aren't mad at that, now are we? :o)



Strappy Bralette | So Many Choices


By now I think you get what the whole bralette top purpose is right? To summarize, They're not constructed to offer you loads of support, but they're OH SO BEAUTIFUL to layer and wear out on special occasions.


All in all, they're a style yes. You can wear them like a crop top (this one by Balmain or *shriek* this one by Jeremy Scott is a dream). They come in different colors, some with wider straps, they have designs for petite women, and for the tall girls like me. You can even wear them with sporty looks.

The Bralette | What If You Feel Insecure?

Now I do understand that not everyone is going to be a fan of how they look in this undergarment. My advice would be to select a style that might show less. You can still pull of the look by making a few changes and the way in which you wear it. The best part is that no one will know that you checked yourself before heading out of the door.


Do you know that celebrities have stylists who make last minute wardrobe tweaks to what they wear all of the time? if you don't feel as confident in it, then here's the quick fix. Undo enough buttons (or tie the top crosswise) so that the bralette top can be seen.

If you do choose to go it solo with the bralette, FOR GOOD MEASURE, you can use good fashion tape to hold things in place. Oh , and use lotion or Vaseline to remove the tape, or you'll be cursing me the entire time for talking into this women's fashion trend.

Bralette TopS | My Picks

Now who's all in for this accessory? Check out some of the ones that stood out as having that "it" factor. A few factors were involved---either the color or the detailing or just its fun and cutesy design. Just remember to have fun with it.:o) Scroll on down Hunn, and enjoy!


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