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Unique Backpacks for Girls – The Bookbag Styles You Won’t Ever Take Off

05 August 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

Unique backpacks for girls. I know, right about now you’re probably sunny-season cringing at the thought of returning back to school, but the shopping for backpacks part? Well, that’s exactly where everything starts to become fun my clothing accessories friends. An amazing backpack shows off your clear fashion-forward point of view.  And if it’s swaggy enough guess what? Your backpack outfit of the day can be just as simple and plain as you want it to be. You’re a guaranteed shoe-in for being stylish.

How to Spot a Good Backpack

Do you know how to spot a good backpack when you see one? Sure, unique backpacks are generally pleasing to the eyes at first sight, but there are other qualities that can weigh in as well. Ready? Well then let’s get into the run-down. There are 3 sizes that best apply in this category. Keep in mind that we’re speaking on school goods, the below information should just serve as examples to give you an accurate idea of what each can contain.

16L — Small, basic carrier, 13” devices, small groceries.
20L — Midsize, should hold a days worth of gear; 15” devices, change of clothes.
32L — Bulky, for heavier things: think a weekender supply of clothes and a decent amount of groceries.

Shape – Yup. Size matters.  The shape of a backpack has everything to do with what it will allow you to pack inside of it.  You’re a scholar, so you’ll most likely be toting around lots of books. If you’re lucky your books can be stored electronically. But don’t forget your trusty makeup bag, cell phone and such. If you’re wondering what the ideal backpack size is, go with a midsized 20L. You should also know that different backpack brands may have different size categories.

Backpack Features – These may include the features that a backpack has; or its ease of use. i.e… inside zippers, extra storage compartments, electronic charging capabilities and such.

Durability – You want to go with a sturdy backpack that is made to last. It needs to be able to hold up to weather elements, and it should be able to hold what you require for extended periods of time without falling apart at the seams.

Backpacks Brands

Backpack brands – It’s a competitive industry, so there are lots of name brands to rattle on about within the clothing accessories industry. Even so,  this fashion blogger does give props to a select few bag designers when it comes to unique backpacks for girls. I’d go with Sprayground Backpacks, Jansport Backpacks, Herschel Supply Co Backpacks, Jansport backpacks, Kate Spade Backpacks (R.I.P), Adidas Backpacks, Michael Kors Backpacks, Chanel backpacks, Gucci Backpacks, Chloe Backpacks, Louis Vuitton Backpacks, Fendi Backpacks, MCM Backpacks, and Coach Backpacks.

Backpack Kid – What’s in a Name?

Here’s a question that I get all of the time. Are Fendi monster backpacks worth it? It’s typical for anyone wondering if they should splurge on a designer bookbag. Let me say this. There’s definitely recognition to be had if you purchase any of the brand names above. Folks know that you’ve laid out some serious dividends. But here’s the thing—that person sitting in the classroom desk next to you could have the exact same back to school backpack.  If you want to be type different, then you’ll have to think outside of the box and ultimately invest in a unique backpack style. And that’s where I come in. I’ve done all of the legwork to bring you the best in backpacks for your back to school shopping needs.

Sprayground Bookbag

unique backpacksSprayground backpacks is a surefire top pick. Here’s the Sprayground mission statement that has me sold from the jump:

Our passion is to bring thought-provoking, innovative and dynamic accessories and backpacks that are easily identifiable but difficult to recreate in the global marketplace. our mission is to be the top global backpack and accessories company. expressing rebellion, individuality and creativity are the foundations of Sprayground and of our customer base. overlay those foundations with qualities of excellence, style and an emphasis on being the innovator for the next wave of design is what we do & who we are.

Don’t you love it? It’s that individuality and difficult to recreate factor that will lead you running in the direction of this unique backpacks for school global brand. The designs are creative, colorful, and always attention-grabbing.

Here are a few of my personal Sprayground unique backpacks faves. A few others that won’t fail to disappoint in being super fashionable are the Sprayground Icecream Grillz Bookbag, the Sprayground Backpack Wings, the Sprayground Louis Vuitton, the Sprayground Deadpool Backpack, the Sprayground Shark Backpack and the Sprayground Money Backpack.


Sprayground Backpack Outfit

Are you looking for some Sprayground Backpack Outfit Ideas? I’m here to leap to your rescue. I have to admit that seeing cool examples of fashion does help big time.  To all of my bag ladies, I hope that you enjoy.😊

Herschel Supply Co Backpacks

The Hershel Supply Company backpack is a Canadian based company that’s been in existence since 2009. When I think of this bag brand I think reliable and classic. Travelers especially adore this company particularly for their eye for detail. Everything from headphone ports, to magnetic strap closures, to hidden zippers and media compartments, have been included.  The target bag consumer always stays in mind. Which ones of the below picks are going on your must-have list?


Adidas backpack

I really like the Adidas Backpack a lot. I feel like issa vibe though. Like, you’d wear it with a gorgeous Adidas tracksuit, or pair it with an Adidas top, an Adidas bottom, or an amazing pair of Adidas sneakers. Yes, I said it. It’s pretty limited to the Adidas core brand, but when you see those stripes or that logo, everyone knows that you’re an athleisure fashionista. Adidas backpack women, stand up. If you choose this bag designer, then I’ve got some really good ones for you to choose from below:


Michael Kors Backpacks


Michael Kors Backpacks are said to give off jet set luxury feels. Think looking glam— on the go. Think leather with shiny metallic zippers. It’s a backpack that resembles a handbag and you’ve summed up a Michael Kors backpack well. These backpacks are for girls who like trends or for the more refined woman of a particular age.  Which one do you like best?

Designer Backpacks

If your finances permit, you can spend a little extra to get the backpack that dreams of made of. No, like seriously. These are all high-end luxury brands. If the question is how much does a backpack cost, there’s an answer. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $200 and up for these luxe bag options. It’s only the very finest for you as you will see below:


Jansport Backpacks

On the hunt for cool backpacks that are affordable by a household name brand? Jansport might just be your go-to. They’re extremely economical, and they make a splash with designs that are really special. I have a few Jansport backpacks for girls with stellar style on my radar so scroll on…

Cheap Cute Backpacks for School

This one is for my true bookbag frugalistas. You need a backpack that’s way cute and cheap because there are so many other items that you need to get from your back to school shopping list. I’ve got you. The below brands will fill the void and then some.


Unique Backpacks

If you’re in the market for truly unique backpacks then get ready because you’re about to be really happy. The chances are next to none that Michelle, Tanya, or Robin will have your most amazing bookbag on that first day of school (be it backpacks for college, trade school, or otherwise). Click on any image to make any girls backpack all yours.

unique backpacks

unique backpacks

Check out these other unique backpacks. Each of these bags has that extra special factor going on for sure:

Backpack for School

Practical Practices | How to Wash a Backpack


Who writes a blog post on backpacks without including how to wash it? Not this fashion blogger. Check the video that was so lovingly provided by the esteemed Tortuga on YouTube. Do us a favor and Follow her and me (for more clothing accessories fabness). It’s greatly appreciated.


Until next time,


Cityrocka Perry

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Blog Comments

I had the LL BEAN backpack and then the NORTH FACE backpack – both for VERYYYY long times! They served me well.

Cityrocka Perry

Those are two sturdy good ones for sure GiGi. Let’s get them to come out with some more fashionable options that are equally as durable for all of the fashionistas. Hopefully, they see this post 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


I like the backpacks you featured here, I love herschel backpacks, it is best for any occasion, but my go to backpack when I was still in college is Jansport. Thanks for sharing!

Cityrocka Perry

Right, I have Jansport memories too! They really are a dependable brand of backpacks. Thank you for your feedback 🙂


These are some amazing looking backpacks. hope they are durable too cuz i want to try one.

Cityrocka Perry

Certainly an important factor I so agree with you. You should try one! Let me know which one you decided on going with 🙂


These are really stylish back packs. I love the graphics. When I shop for a good back pack, I make it a point yo check the quality of the materials and the warranty for the zipper.

Cityrocka Perry

Excellent buying points Princess. Definitely something to keep in mind as the consumer!


I love Herschel bags myself but the Sprayground ones I may need to try! Love the artsy ones! And the coordinated outfits!

Cityrocka Perry

You’re totally allowed to have your personal fave brand. Still a great pick in my opinion!


There are so many on here that I just love! thanks for this list!

Cityrocka Perry

You are so welcome. enjoy and thanks for commenting 🙂


Wow, those back packs are so pretty. I am sure lot of girls would love to have these designs including myself.

Cityrocka Perry

For sure yes. I would want a different girls backpack for each weekday that I’m in school!


Just in time for back to school. My kids are getting excited about buying their new backpacks!

Cityrocka Perry

And with good reason. So many styles and colors. It’s a super cool time to be a kid going back to school!


The more the better! Accessorizing is a hobby of mine. LOL!

Cityrocka Perry

Guilty as charged here as well! I’m addicted to accessorizing. Thanks for commenting Babes 🙂


I love the brown leather Unique backpack. And Sparayground has interesting designs to make you want to have them.

Cityrocka Perry

Yes, they really are so tempting. They make it hard to choose!


All of these backpacks look great! My nine year old daughter decided this year she was not going to use a backpack and instead bring the Coach tote our neighbor gifted her to school. It’s a hand me down and she thinks it’s the best ever! I’ll be carrying a backpack for all of our day trips out of the house though.


This information is great for back to school. Some of the “cool” book bags that my sons always want for school are just not practical and don’t always have enough room to hold all of their books.


The backpacks are all so cute

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