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10 Real-Girl Fixes for Overcoming Instagram Baddie Fashion FOMO

04 February 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

Instagrammer Baddies are rolling in it all over the gram; Gucci. Prada. Louis Vuitton. Celine.Givenchy.Christian Dior. Prada.Chanel.Louboutin. It’s probably enough to make one feel some kind of way, especially if you can’t afford to keep up with all of the latest high-end designer fashions. If it helps you feel any better, then just know that you are not alone. I too, am STRADDLING that fence like a MOFO, in real time.

Is it just me, or do you also sometimes want those #livingmybestlife chicks social media cameras to fade to eternal black every now and again? Don’t get a fledgling fashion blogger wrong. I live to promote all things stylish and pretty (at least fashion accessories-wise), but I also put in the effort to project a life of BALANCE to my followers. You’re going to find some humor in what I post because I like to make my readers smile. You’re also going to get some positive affirmations, because I  get that self-motivation doesn’t come easily to everyone constantly. A girl isn’t always going to feel:





But really, I ask, what’s so wrong with a chick feeling “regular-schmegular?” That’s the ish that actually NORMALIZES you. We all know that it’s not a forever thing.  Maybe you could be going through something; like experiencing a major relationship break-up, having family issues, or going through it financial wise. IJS, Cityrocka Perry has a secret to tell you that should make you feel a whole better about whatever situation you may or may not be having. Nobody comes out of the womb designer down; in monogram skin, with highlighted cheekbones and a beat contour :o).

Nobody comes out of the womb designer down; in monogram skin, with highlighted cheekbones and a beat contour.

But there is a positive spin on the Instagram Baddie. They do look good (the vast majority of them at least). And there’s some truth in the idea that if you look good, you FEEL GOOD. And that’s exactly what we’re going to accomplish with this post.

Instagram Baddie Status – The Start of Your New Transformation?

Do you know how many times a chick takes a photo to get that one perfect shot so she can post-up with that one designer item? It could be in the hundreds. But it’s not about putting on something expensive.  It’s about getting in the habit of being mindful of the small details. This is the key to looking like you spent good money on something. For example, picture wearing a Gucci bag with raggedy nails or a shoe—with a hole in it. Like, where they do that at?


Looking like “that girl” is about a state of mind, even with a home manicure—and your Steve Madden heels. People will come to the conclusion on their own that you’re fashionable. And so be it. So without further ado, let’s get into this blog post of 10 amazing style hacks that are made to help get you through the hurdles of being a spectator in an Instagram-crazy driven world.

Instagram Baddie

Instagram Baddie – Belts

  1. Belts – Now I’ve already covered what a magic accessory a belt can be in one of my prior posts.  But I have no problem with repeating it’s key advantages. Not only does it snatch your waist, it can also give you a hint of looking high end without flaunting it. Check out these winners below and let’s call it like we see it in saying that the devil is a liar.


Do the colors and bee theme on this statement belt remind you of anything? You can wear it with a crisp white top or a fitted dress. Girrrl. Belts aren’t just made to hold up your pants. You want to CINCH to show off your waistline and bring in some style.  Make it a golden rule to only wear belts:

that have a cool detail (fringe, tassel, etc) or come in a rich color tone (nudes, suede or leather are always winners)  or that are conversation worthy (the off-white belt trend is hot right now.)  Here are some to get you off to a running start:

Instagram Baddie – Sunglasses

(click on any pic for more info)

2. Sunglasses and eyewear trends – They don’t have to be prescription. ISSA about a look, or you could be simply shielding your eyes from the sun. C’mon through SON. This bloggers  Instagram Baddie recommendation? Stick to neutral colors. Looks more expensive. Like the sunnies below, they’re over the top, but in clear frames you aren’t trying to be a Cardi B  stand-in in a video.



The Cat-eye glasses trend is ginormous, and sunnies in a color that pops makes them all the more special. Round spectacles are also a favorable fashion trends choice. They tend to make the wearer look cucumber cool, even when you’re under pressure.



black-sunglasses-for-womenSuper triple-black sunglasses – If they’re oversized with a dark-as-night lens then you’re giving off Instagram Baddie vibes. There’s something about being a woman of mystery that people are drawn to. Just promise me that you won’t be one of those people who keeps their dark shades on indoors. That could be misconstrued as trying too hard to get noticed, and you’re so better than that right?

Instagram Baddie – Women’s Rings


3.  Statement rings – OMG I am so into you like the SWV hit song. Right now, stacking rings are my complete obsession. And the blingier they are the more I want to stack em.’


This one above comes pre-stacked. Go for it with one punch in a subtle but pretty women’s ring design.


Or…do the tri-color separate band thing and stack them yourself. You could pair this with a chunky boyfriend watch, hoops or eye-catching diamond studs (faux).



Or lastly,  go for broke and lose your mind on stacks on sparkly stacks for the full baddie effect.

Instagram Baddie – DIY Clothing

  1. DIY all day– Please do not sleep on a good DIY project. Do you know what happens before celebrities hit a red carpet? Go to perform? Get interviewed, or heck—it even happens on their way to or from a Starbucks. They get their clothing Instagram Baddie customized. You could splash some paint on a camo jacket. You could throw on some cute patches, or iron the letters of your hometown on a denim shirt. I’m HARLEM forever no matter where I actually live, and I’ll slap it on a clothing item in a NY minute! Anyways, check out this sensational Customized Jacket DIY  from Youtuber bridgetsbudgetbeauty. Follow her and me after you check it out below:


Instagram Baddie – Women’s Shoes


  1. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. If you find yourself a shoe that ONLY looks expensive, then you’ve already won the battle.  Lacey, metallic, strappy and more. Any one of these looks will make you an Instagram baddie for sure:


Instagram Baddie – Women’s Sneakers


  1. Sneakers – They’re pretty much affordable. You can get some fresh white ones or go bold with a color that makes you outstanding in every sense of the word. And the sweetest thing about this fashion accessory Instagram Baddie option? Is that they’re comfortable on your feet. Gosh. I can’t wait for you to step into your greatness:


Instagram Baddie – Pendant Necklaces
  1. The statement pendant necklace. Yes, I’m emphasizing making a statement on this one. Get yourself not one, but several. Stack them so that they tell a story about who you are. If that’s too much pressure, then you can buy them ready made, just remember to go with the one that suits your personality best. Try to remember to keep everything else you wear understated. See how many I-would-have-never-thought-of-putting-those-together compliments you rack up. Need an assist? No problem. I’ve got you below:




Instagram Baddie – Bracelet Stacks

8. The Bracelet –  Actually, make that one bangle and some skinny bracelets to follow. It’s the same idea as the statement necklace, but you’ll be slaying on your wrist. If you’re the type to talk with your hands, your wrist candy will do all of the work.  Every Instagram Baddie should keep a set in gold, silver, and rose gold.



Instagram Baddie – Statement Bag

photo credit – Style by D NiCole

9. The Statement Bag – Because every Instagram Baddie has at least one resting in the crux of their arm, or not far from it.  Let me just say that those designer bags you see on the gram; the authentic ones? They cost that buyer thousands of dollars. The ones that I’ve selected for you???  I can vouch that they’re an authentic bargain. I paid for the same bags myself, this recommendation is not sponsored. These women’s handbags are real leather with classic lines, in the color of your choice.  Cop them like skittles baby.




And how ADORABLE is this denim bag?

Instagram Baddie – Cell Phone Case

10. Cell Phone Case –  Our cell phones have become a major part of our lives. It’s gotten to the point where it is a rarity to see someone without one in tow. Most of us will have a cell phone case over it, and if you’re a fashionista then you’d better keep it cute. After all, how can one call themselves an Instagram Baddie taking all kinds of photos, with a cell phone case that doesn’t REPRESENT? Check these out:

Well, that’s about it loves. Until next time.



Cityrocka Perry

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Cityrocka Perry
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Blog Comments

That jean bag is so unique!

Cityrocka Perry

Thanks, I thought so too. It has the structure of a Louis Vuitton Speedy, but so fun!


Wow, everything is so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Cityrocka Perry

You are so welcome Luv. Come back for more fashion accessories 411 anytime!


Love how you call it baddies 😂 Love the IG baddies Shoes

Cityrocka Perry

Yes, it goes back to having that Baddie state of mind right? I think it, therefore I am, school of thought.



Cityrocka Perry

Aren’t they bomb! They can transform a look into LUXE in a New York minute! Thanks for commenting hunn :).


Girlllllll we are all baddies!! I don’t let brand names bother me at all. The only thing brand name I ever really wanted was some red soles! And I was NOT going to buy them. I however got as a gift from hubby. Other than that I rock my TJMaxx style like the baddie that I am! HA!

Cityrocka Perry

Yes, you’re my kind of accessories girl! I love that you get that one can spend less and still look great 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I adore the high-end labels, but it’s always nice when you’re able to mix things up and have options.


Girl!! Such a great post and I love the tips!!

Cityrocka Perry

Elated to hear it Luv. Come back anytime and all of the time for more fashion accessories Fab!


So many cute accessory ideas! I love my designer accessories and don’t know why I didn’t invest sooner!

Cityrocka Perry

Yes, well it’s never too late Babes. Come back to check out my most recent fab accessories posts!


one thing is silver zirconia stacking and i would like to send gift to my niece, Cityrocka let me tell you one thing, you know why i visit your site daily ? because of you, you reply each and every comment with a very nice gesture, its like you are giving back some love, i love a person like you, thanks for what you do here,
keep up the very good work as usual i really appreciate. xoxo
Cathy Williams

Cityrocka Perry

I think that the stacking rings would make an excellent gift for your family member! Appreciated. I do tr and expect the same in kind Luv. Come back anytime.


That jean bag is so lovely! 😍

Cityrocka Perry

Thank you. I thought it was a special pick too!

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