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15 Extraordinary AF Knee Boots That Are Surprisingly Affordable

09 October 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

It’s knee boots season (goodness, it’s also cuffing season, which may even be more of a reason for you to level up your fall and winter shoe swag). Yes, I’m tying wearing stellar boots in with catching the attention of *ahem* a worthy man. Lol, Let’s face it, there’s about to be a definite snuggle-worthy chill in the air during these upcoming autumn and winter nights. But hey, relationship status matters aside it doesn’t matter. Coupled up or a satisfied single, if you’re a shoe-nista no one is safe from wanting to own the knee boot; one of the hottest style trends of the season.

Knee Boots and the Hooker Factor?

pretty-woman-boots-1Blame it all on Julia freakin’ Roberts. SHE is the one who is single-handedly responsible for giving us a serious case of Pretty Woman Syndrome.

You remember her from the blockbuster Pretty Woman flick right? (the actress was also in the way popular film, Sleeping With the Enemy). Roberts made the shoe more than memorable back then as she strode down the street in those hella-amazing black patent leather over the knee boots. But the Knee Boots now? At this time, at this time right here? Well, they’re something like a women’s shoes phenomenon.

Arguably, some might say that THOT shoe styles stay winning. But knee boots have always been sexy, in that lane which has remained untouchable; made perfect in its revamp.  Minus the ladies of the evening stigma, there’s a solid element of Fashion Killa Slay. And just like that it happened—the classy chick and that [email protected] over there share a common ground. Both are seeking the same thing in chasing that foot-feeling of confidence.The kind that we get when our feet are nestled inside a long vertical boot, tugged onto our legs, resting up over our thighs.

Knee Boots Obsessed

knee boots

Seriously, have you tried on a pair of over the knee boots yet to see what I mean? They make your legs go on for miles (or at least appear like they do). Be prepared to feel supermodel—ish, no matter what your stature is. Anyways, you’re about to get 15 solid reasons to join me and the rest of the knee boot gang. I urge you to QUIT reading this post NOW if you’re trying to resist the temptation. No really, mean it. Stop reading this if you’re not in any way interested in being that “fashionable chick” who is recognized for her keen sense of style.

over-the-knee-heeled-boots15 Amazing Knee Boots – Revealed

Yup, we’ve compiled this most jaw-dropping list (naturally, with affordability in mind) just so you don’t have to go on a shoe hunt. Everything here; everything from cheap over the knee boots, to over the knee boots black, to over the knee boots suede; and yes, even no heel over the boots. Check it, Babes…

1 – Denim over the knee Boots – let’s start with them. So casual, so comfy, you’ll want to do any and everything in them for sure.





Over the knee suede boots – They look waaaay more expensive than they are, and we’re certainly not mad at that, now are we? High knee boots in suede are Luxe and a frugalista’s best friend.







Yaass…The above are NAVY BLUE




Black knee high leather boots – Sorta kinda dominatrix, but not. They give out I-have-a take-charge-kind-of attitude. One might think that black leather over the knee boots are predictable, but no, not at all.




Peep toe over the knee boots – They’re on a whole notha’ plateau. You can actually get away with sporting these in the summer (not during a heat wave), in spring and some of the warmer days in the fall.




Extra wide calf knee high boots – Because wide calves girls are going to get love too. We wouldn’t dream of leaving you out.


Velvet over the knee boots- Yes, IT IS velvet. Try not to skim your hands across them for the entire time that you’re wearing them.


Lace up over the knee boots- Just like these because they remind us of the waistbelt trend. Cinch and Serve.


Over the knee flat boots – This just goes to prove that some shoes are made for walking. And you can still look really good while doing so.


Over the knee black boots – Who doesn’t need and deserve to have that staple pair of black boots as part of their fashion essentials? Patent leather over the knee boots are quite special too.




Red over the knee boots – So I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the one out wearing the color red a great deal. But there’s something about having at least one pair of red knee boots in your shoe closet, that makes it very necessary.


Taupe over the knee boots – Yes of course they make the cut. Without the look of neutrals and nudes, this whole boot list is an entire bust.



taupe-over-the-knee-boots-2The brown over the knee boot.  Because after all, what else would we wear with our earth-toned clothing garments?



Grey over the knee boots – Did you know that grey is the new nude boot? You can essentially wear it with any other color while still standing out from the crowd



Burgundy knee high boots – We should all have this color in our lives. It’s a fall and winter thing and that’s simply a given.


White knee high boots – yes, it’s fine to wear white in the winter. No one is trippin’ over it. Think—SNOWBUNNY. And while the below boots aren’t quite over the knee, as a fashion contender, it qualifies.


Knee High Boots Outfits

We can’t say goodbye before touching on the subject of over the knee boots outfits. Consider the below video a bonus, crafted by terrific YouTuber Fashion Trend Seeker. Enjoy because I believe on over delivering to my dedicated readers.  To paraphrase the knee high boots outfits method, just know that because knee high boots are sexy, you can bring it down some with the outfit choices. You’ll want to go with something loose-fitting on top to balance everything out.

But there are some office look/fashion looks risks worth taking though. See Kerri. See Kerri run strut. Oh, and if you are having any anxiety over worry about your new over-the-knee- boots constantly falling down, here’s a neat how to keep your over the knee boots from falling DIY from YouTuber Robyn Stephans. Please follow her and subscribe.



That about does it my fashion accessory friends. Luv you. Mean it Much.


Cityrocka Perry

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The over the knee season is officially here and I love it! No, I am not talking about pretty woman look, I love colored boots and embroidered designs that are easy to combine with neutral color dresses and suits. By the way, I do like denim styles in your collection, where can I buy them?

Daisy from

Cityrocka Perry

Thank you. Stay tuned for our post on all denim accessories in January 2018!


very well done, the color tones are amazing but i can use some soft colors, anyway keep it up
have a nice day xoxo
Cathy Williams

Cityrocka Perry

Yes, the jewel tones get me every time! You too Babes 🙂

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