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Hair Accessories – Your Ultimate 2018 She’s-Gotta-Have-It Hit List

15 January 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

Hair Accessories are very—NECESSARY.  No, make that an ambulance siren swirling, NECESSITY; as in being hair-accessories-to-the-rescue useful. Like useful on those occasions when a girl simply isn’t up for the maintenance of climactic hair flips, or the hair-and-wear aftermath on a roller-set of voluminous, cascading, head of curls.


If I can be blunt with you (and I feel that I can be since we’re practically fashionaccessories BFF’s for life), I’ll just give any hesitations pause and say it. A world without remarkable hair accessories in it is a big problem.  —Because WTF is Jenny going to do when she isn’t on the block, and needs other options besides her Yankees fitted cap???



Only the Flinstones live in Bedrock. And yes, I do feel sorry for Betty Rubble and her TIRED accessorized hair-do. But we’re neither animated characters or J-Lo, so there’s no excuse. There are so many types of hair accessories available for the taking in 2018 and beyond. Hair industry suppliers have caught on to the idea that Fashionistas want more than just rubber bands and common bobby pins (shocker and sidebar – did you know that pins come in clear now?) The cute and useful products that we need have been designed for the taking.  And that’s why you and I are HERE. Today we’re about to break it on down quick and to the point. This is our Ultimate Hair Accessories for Women 2018 She’s-Gotta-Have-it Hit List, and it’s going to be memorable.


  • When the weather becomes hot and balmy, you’ll think of Cityrocka Perry and this fashion blog post.


  • When you start seeing the Style Mavens out, wearing the accessories that you could have been Rocking WAY BEFORE they ever figured out that it was “a thing,” you’ll think of Cityrocka Perry and this fashion blog post.


  •  And out of the blue, when you begin to question all that’s been keeping you from greatness and your moment of hair accessories joy, you’ll think of Cityrocka Perry and this fashion blog post. So let’s get it started.

Hair Accessories – The Women’s Headband




Hair accessories 5.0. Who knew? The women’s headband brings transformation with a clear point of view on style. It projects what you want it to; go rocker, glamorous, or flower child. It’s only right that start out with this accessory first and foremost because we’ll be doing a HUGE Fashion Giveaway in its honor. BTW, are you on our email list? Because if you aren’t then you’re missing out big-time. Just ask yourself what FREE swag and valuable ongoing fashion accessories info (that will keep you WAVY) means to you :o). So, Fashionable Monogram Headband anyone?

hair accessories trends 2018

Why we’re giving the headband for women complete props: What we like about it is its versatility. Girl, put it around your forehead like the ring on Saturn, or allow it to wrap around where the tip of both ends stop at your ears. Women’s headbands will also let your hair remain the star of the show. For instance, if your hair color is striking, you can show it off. If your hair texture is really bomb, then you can show it off. It’s a win-win all around. Quite naturally, there are other advantages too. You can wear it with or without bangs, slick it back, or pile it up high in a bun “a la ballerina.”



No exaggeration,  it’s probably genius to keep a variety of headbands on deck,  just because you never know when you’ll need one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fabric headband, a metal headband, or the plastic ones. C

Check out the most Fabulous Tiarra Monet wearing her super soft OMG headband. Perf for makeup application keeping you looking CUTE. Click on the photo to get it now!

Hair Accessories 2018

FYI, the fabric headbands are usually the most comfortable fitting. They come in an endless array of patterns and designs, perfect for those of us who like to have plenty of style options. Want to see some in action? Check out the braided headband, fashion headbands, and some women’s fashion headbands that will have you whipping out your credit card like every day is a Black Friday Sale.


Hair Accessories – Hair Barrettes




Those BASIC looking rectangular clips with the catch in the back?  They’re about as *yawns widely*  old as history and we’re gonna need it to stay there. These days, hair barrettes represent millennials in a way that makes you ACTUALLY want to wear it.  One can go for something that looks sleek and modern, or it can be as simple as you want it to be. Wooden barrettes, colorful, decorative hair clips, embellished barrettes, barrettes for thick hair and barrettes for thin hair. Just keep scrolling to see pretty barrettes galore.


Hair Accessories – The Hair Pin


hair pin accessories trends


If it’s blingy and ornate, we need it. It’s like showcasing mini art pieces on hair. And if you manage to get some extra special ones, you’ll want to keep them tucked away inside of your jewelry box for safe keeping. This is hair jewelry at its finest. The benefit of hair pins is that they’re so small that one can place them almost anywhere on the hair for that added level of shine or glam. So many types of hair pins, so little time; vintage hair pins, decorative hair pins and so much more for you to love up on below:

hair accessories



Hair Accessories – The Hair Comb


haircomb-hair-trendsWe know that you didn’t see this one coming, but it’s an accessories trend that deserves kudos for its ability to make a hair style look LAID.

How to Rock a Hair Comb: It’s generally best accomplished by gathering a section of hair, twisting it together, and then placing the comb where it doesn’t move—somewhere where it can be SEEN. All are one in the same are sidecomb hair accessories, the side hair comb, decorative hair combs for fine hair, hair comb wedding options and the hair comb clip.


Here’s an impressive DIY for my peeps who want to live a hair comb AUTHENTIC LIFE (thanks Maegan). And yes, I’ve also included stellar hair combs which are available for purchase. What do you take me for, some kind of trend accessories monster who refuses to share?

Let me assure you now. They’re all good.

Hair Accessories – The Wrap Ponytail



This is one accessory that you’ll probably see lots of.  BTW the second photo is called a bubble ponytail. For the wrap ponytail, the hair is pulled up or back into a super smooth or tamed ponytail, and the loose ponytail hair is then wrapped in a trendy leather or Perspex fabric.  Perspex is a clear material which has the look of glass. (think Lucite). The leather Wraps for Ponytails is huge too (women bikers wore it first).


Lace and Ribbon Hair Wraps –  who’s ready for the bunjee ponytail? If it sounds like a fun look, that’s because it very much is. It’s pretty much the same method as above, but ribbon or lace fabric is used instead. One also has the option of partially covering the ponytail hair.  It’s common on the fashion runways but the look is taking off like a rocket with street style.  Check out the pony wraps below and you’re on your way to making it happen…


Hair Accessories – The Turban


turban-fashion-trendYes, Wind N’ Out personality and former Americas Got Talent host Nick Cannon is keeping this fashion accessory going in heavy rotation. The key to wearing this accessory?  Be as non-gypsy crystal-ball reading as you can. Don’t wear the turban as if it’s a costume. Get creative. If you don’t want to wear it in public, at least be fashionable in a waterproof version for your daily bathing showers. Oh, and here’s the 411 on the turban, for inquiring minds only. Turban fashion featuring the female turban is officially on SHOW.


Hair Accessories – Crowns



So who doesn’t want a crown perched on their head?  The center crown is my favorite. You can cop it from a company called They’re amazing and have created pieces for celebs and high fashion spreads. It’s got to be the fanciest hat of all time, royally regal and wearing this grandiose accessory commands respect. Relevancy wise, there used to be a time when you would only see crowns in storybooks. And then there was hip-hop culture—and the MTV Super Sweet Sixteen kids. And now, Birthday Crowns still remain quite epic with each creator trying to outdo someone else’s. The more jewels and sparkle, the better. Essentially, there’s no such thing as too much. Metal head crowns, birthday crowns, and head crown jewelry—how can you call yourself a princess or a queen if you don’t have one?

Hair Accessories – The Scrunchie


scrunchie-trendThis isn’t your soccer mom, average hair scrunchie that we’re talking about here. You’ll be proud to envelop your hair in this stretchably cool hair accessory. We picked the bow tie scrunchie as the “most improved” hair trend accessory. It’s amazing how that one little bow detail managed to make an item so outdated new again. Scrunchies 80s, scrunchies 90s, and scrunchies 2017—say hello to 2018. Even Balenciaga has jumped onto the scrunchie bandwagon. Check them out for yourself:



Hair Accessories – The Claw Hair Clip




The Claw Hair Clip. You could also refer to it as bear claw hair clips, metal claw clips, or even hair grips. We heart the multi horizontal pattern that the comb makes as it glides through the hair. It sort of mimics that feeling of Zen; something we all could use a bit more of in our lives. Look at these hair claw clip styles and talk amongst yourselves. Try to contain your excitement. I’d better not catch you trying any of the photoed hairstyles out at your work desk.

Hair Accessories – The Hair Tie



Here’s yet another hair accessory which has come a really, really, long, long way. Do you remember the two transparent acrylic balls that many of us wore on the regular as small children? Well, the hair tie is on a whole new level now. The hair ties of today are bejeweled out, often with spikes, stones, unique bows, or pearls. You may even see hair ties made from luxurious fabrics such as leather, suede, or velvet:



Hair Accessories – Natural Hair



Don’t think for one second that I’ve left out my NATURALISTAS out there. I found this gem of a source called Tiffany’s Loc Jewels. Her creations are the beautiful BESTIS.  You’ll be able to adorn your locs and twists and discover hair accessories for braids and more.


Hair Accessories – The Ponytail Cuff


This is an option to really ADORE. It’s one of our personal accessory faves. You put your hair in a pony tail (a half or a full one) and this accessory does the job of finishing you off with a polished look. Who remembers this funny Coming to America hair cuff flashback? Here are a few examples of the high ponytail cuff, gold cuff ponytail holder, rose gold ponytail cuff, hair cuff ponytail holder, and the metal ponytail wrap so that you can see exactly what I mean:



Hair Accessories – The Best Hair Accessories for Working Out



You just want it out of your face, with nothing clinging to the back of your neck. I get it, and it’s the reason why I’ve hand-selected these workout hair ties, workout hair bands for short hair, best hair ties for running, gym headbands for females, and athletic hair ties. And if you’re about the above RUN athletic headband life, get it here.



 Hair Accessories  – Embellished

This category is for those of us who enjoy bieng extra fabulous. Take a look and let me know if you are as elated as I am, that these items even exist…

So tell me, did Cityrocka Perry live up to the hype of Hair Accessories –Your Ultimate 2018 She’s Gotta Have It Hit List or not. She did that, right? And while there are several other hair accessories that I could have mentioned, hair glitter, hair rings, hair string, hair tattoos, hair glowsticks and such, we wanted to stick to giving you information on items that are more wearable. There would be cause for you to accessorize your hair with any of the above.


Hair Accessories – The Really Weird Ones We Had to Share

Before we wrap up this hair trends accessories blog post, I HAVE to share these very outlandish inventions. And you know what we discovered? We’re not sure who’s crazier? The person for wearing it, or the person who invented it:

Here’s one for all of you cat-lovers. The cat headband. We mean an ENTIRE cat. I bring you, the hang on tight kitty headband. What—not glam enough? Okay then, how about a crystal headbrace? It’s made by Gucci

Until Next time,


Mean it much,

Cityrocka Perry

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I love these things! So good for a bad hairday!

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Cityrocka Perry

Thanks so much. We worked hard to uncover good accessory finds!

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I’m definitely a hair comb girl. Though I do wear scrunchies too but not often. Love these!

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Cityrocka Perry

So fabulous! You should really try one of the hair comb DIY’s. It would be amazing for you to customize one and wear :o)!

Post Reply

I used to wear a headband 24/7 in high school. I need to get back on that trend now that they make them waaaay cuter. I would also wear a crown!!!!

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Cityrocka Perry

You should do the crown for sure! When you do, we’d be happy to feature you looking ROYAL :o)

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Omg this is great!! I saw things here that I didn’t know about❤️❤️

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Cityrocka Perry

That’s wonderful love. Feel free to come by anytime for more fashion accessories goodness!

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These are all so cute! I never think to put accessories in my hair!

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Cityrocka Perry

Oh you just have to give it a try 🙂 I promise that you’ll be hooked on hair accessories just because there are so many fabulous choices out there!

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Love these! I want to try the ribbon ponytail trend, so feminine and classic

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Cityrocka Perry

Yes for sure a good choice! The ribbon ponytail trend is a modern take on the old school bow.

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Omg i Loved this! I have super long hair and I can probably use a few ideas on how to decorate my hair 😀 lol thanks!

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Cityrocka Perry

You absolutely can rock any of the hair trends listed :o) Thank you so much for commenting, and feel free to come back anytime Luv!

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Wow so many different hair piece. Thanks for sharing.
xoxo, Rachel

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Cityrocka Perry

You’re very welcome!

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Omg so many cool hair accessories! I’m cutrently obsessed with bridal pins and combs!

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Cityrocka Perry

With good reason :o) They make the most beautiful bridal accessories now!

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Cityrocka you are one active and amazing lady, your posts are different than all of other people i visit daily. keep up the good work girlll,
big love xoxo
Millane Wills

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Cityrocka Perry

Aww, just too kind! Thanks so much Hunn :o)

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