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2019 Fashion Trends For the Realest – Style Accessories Edition

04 March 2019 / By Cityrocka Perry

Fashion trends 2019. That jewelry DRIP. Picture the drip of a water faucet, but swap out the h20 and replace it with bling. Gems of all sizes and colors will be draping from ears

in the form of the most magnificent statement earrings ever. Bold and minimalist chain links will adorn necks encrusted with jewel-tone stones in glitzy layers. Arms will be decorated with chunky wrist-candy goodness, in full swing with every hand movement.




Is it too much? Very unlikely, as in singer Luther-Vandross-Never-Too-Much, may he R.I.P. For true fashion accessory lovers,  accessorizing with beautiful trinkets and clothing accessories is as electric as turning on a light switch. In other words, it’s all the way LIT. 


Affiliate Links Disclosure: does provide links to different products/retailers on our site. I might also place affiliate links on sidebars. I encourage you to follow these links and check them out.

If you purchase something through one of the affiliate links I will make a commission from the sale, without any additional cost to you. However, I only recommend things that I have used, and or personally rock with.

2019 Fashion Trends – The Earrings We’re Rockin’ With This Year and Maybe Forever



Personalize it in 2019. Any word, name or short phrase that you want.


Gem drop earrings, tassel drop earrings, crystal drop earrings and more. Just take a look at the amazing finds that I’ve dug up for you:


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Millennial Fashion Trends 2019 – The Pearl Remix


You can reassure grandma that her treasured pearls are just where she left them; safely tucked away in her jewelry box.  The pearls that we’re obsessing over these days are modern, chic and serving up all kinds of sculptural beauty:





Note – These Items are for Sale, Available to ItGirl Squad Members Only.

2019 Fashion Trends Heart Jewelry


Heart jewelry, as in I f’in heart you the most. We’ve progressed way beyond basic heart lockets and standard jewelry pendants, I promise. Bring on the jaw-dropping heart earrings, cool heart charm bracelets and more:



2019 Fashion Trend Forecast – Star Jewelry

Star jewelry, celestial jewelry, it’s all one and the same, and we like it. Maybe it’s because we’re human beings in search of our destinies based on it. Or perhaps it’s solely to make that one special wish, the one that we secretly have been wanting to come true.  What do you think of the below celestial jewelry picks?





2019 Fashion Trends – Body Jewelry 

Body jewelry gives off a different type of accessorizing vibe. When you wear it, it sort of feels like you went that extra step beyond the norm of wearing fashion necklaces, fashion rings, fashion bracelets, and fashion earrings.


The best places to show off body jewelry at the beach with swimwear, with open neck dresses or tops, with bodysuits, or for romantic moments with Bae.



Millennial Fashion Trends 2019

Millennial fashion trends 2019. One could actually go cray-cray trying to keep up with what’s the latest and greatest fashion accessories all of the time. (link here).

As an Accessories Blogger, I recommend that you invest the big dollars in staple pieces, and stick to purchasing clothing accessories that aren’t too trendy. Personalized fashion accessories never go out of style, and well-made accessories in classic colors are always a smart choice.

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Cityrocka Perry
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Blog Comments

I love those first hoop earings with the “love” engraving. Those are just gorgeous, so sculptural and personal. Do you know if I can get them with a particular message on them or do they only come with certain words?

Cityrocka Perry

Thank you 🙂 Yes, you can personalize it with whatever you want—a name, a sentiment or a few short words. I highly recommend!


I love those pearl earrings!! And those personalized hoop earrings are beautiful too!

Cityrocka Perry

Happy that you like! Come back often for more amazing fashion accessory finds Babes 🙂


I like the first one , it never goes out of trend. The recyling of pearls is also a good idea. Steve modern is the best one.

Cityrocka Perry

I have to agree with you Luv. Pearls are so classic. I love them for any occasion! Thanks for commenting 🙂


I love the look of big earrings but I always worry that the weight will wreck my ear lobes! Those hoops do look impressive, I could be tempted!

Cityrocka Perry

Not at all Babes! I actually wrote a post on a great gadget to avoid the problem associated with this here. No more droopy earlobes. Hope this helps 🙂


I used to love wearing earings all of the time, but now my ears are too sensitive. I love the girl with the balloon pair of earings.

Cityrocka Perry

Great timing. I plan to do a post centered around sensitive-earring wearers very soon! Keep visiting us for other accessories and stay tuned. Thanks for commenting Luv 🙂


I love a good statement earring. It can make a simple outfit look so special. I’m excited to see all the star inspired jewelry. I had a feeling it was going to be a trend when I saw stars on shirts and sweatshirts last year.

Cityrocka Perry

I live for fab earrings as well! Yes, star jewelry is a real thing. Expect this big trend to be around for a while 🙂


I’m not a big fan of heart jewelry but I do love big earrings. My oldest daughter is starting to wear bigger and bigger earrings too. Great trends with jewelry!

Cityrocka Perry

It’s all about options.Thank goodness there are so many jewelry styles to choose from these days! Thanks for commenting Luv 🙂


I love big earrings. I am glad to see they are making a big comeback too.


These earrings are really great and outstanding. I love those pearl earrings. Thanks for sharing.

Cityrocka Perry

Thanks so much Luv. Pearls are the best!

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