These Womens Heels are OUT ON DISPLAY. Check out the must-have shoes that are yours for the taking (well, not just for you to take, there clearly has to be a secure financial transaction happening first). But then you’ll own them. Anyways, If this page doesn’t read SHOE LOVER, then I don’t know what does. We’ve gone ahead and assembled this special assortment of shoes for women—mind you, only the pairs that deems as fashion craveable. As you scroll down, you may notice that each one has that special “it” factor which makes it stand out in one way or another. Either the color(s) grabbed our attention or the embellishments, or we just may have just been drawn to the overall design.


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Womens Heels – What to Wear With a Statement Shoe


First let’s reestablish that they’re not just any womens heels; these have the potential to make you Instagram famous. Most of the fashion styles already have that extra flair, so there’s no need to do a lot in terms of what you wear. We’d suggest something like this one or a really cool catsuit with a light duster coat over it. Or you could throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a really cool top.


Embellished Shoes and YOU

With so many fun designs in the shoe world (tassels, texture, mesh, cut outs, studs, fringe, glitter, and more), you may want to make it the star of your outfit of the day. Go with a coordinating nail color, the same color tinted sunnies, or a fun colored bag that will bring whatever your wearing together nicely.




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