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Lovely Nails – Read This Before You Spend Your Next $40 On A New Set

Lovely nails.  Who doesn't want to keep a full set of them on show wherever you go? In terms of finger nails in general, it's not like we have the...

09 09 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Cheap Accessories – 10 Essential Accessories No BASIC Babes

Sometimes Cheap Accessories freakin’ rule. Sure, Zara, Bauble Bar, Urban Outfitters, and the like all have their own fashion lane. But can we all agree upon how appropriate the Forever21 name is (and...

09 06 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Cheap Accessories Online | 10 EPIC Sites to Shop the Best Of the Best

Cheap Accessories Online. I said, Psst. You there.  Are you looking for Cheap Accessories Online? Are you Jones'ing for the BEST trend accessories that can be found on the net? Good. Don't...

14 05 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
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