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Fashion Inspo – Mad Hatters the Ultimate Accessory We’re Crazy For

Fashion Inspo stalking alert. With the fall season swinging into high gear, we can all only brace ourselves for the big chill about to head our way. Quite naturally for the fashionista, this involves

finessing an extension of style by way of cool puffer down coats, quilted leather moto jackets, soft knit scarves to bundle up in, and toasty warm gloves; preferably ones that allow the use of our electronic devices to take an appropo selfie. Oh, and hats.  After writing the prior sentence, this Style Accessories blogger stands corrected for providing you with a most underwhelming description. *Ahem-Ahem* It is THEE HAT, the SEASON of THE HATS actually, and it will dominate and define your most memorable Autumn/Winter fashion Inspo moments.

Wedding Rings Thirst? – No Wedding Ring, No Thing

Wedding Rings Question. You know when people decide to tie the knot and make things official? There’s usually a bride and a groom, or a combo of either; someone’s generally there to marry them—rings get exchanged. Wait, did Cityrocka Perry miss something? The chosen accessories of the day does involve wedding rings doesn’t it?  But if Reality star Kim Zolciak says that the Ring, the ring don’t mean a thing, and scores of celebrities don’t wear theirs, should the rest of the world be taking heed? Not to call anyone out, but for reals, check out how long this list is that this style blogger

Michael Kors Fashion Accessories Turned Me Into A Stalker…

Michael Kors knows a thing or two about the details—why it’s essential to have them, and how to snatch our attention with all things shiny. Darn him for making me LOVE him for what he masterminds. In the business since 1981, this designer with nearly 35 years of fashion expertise has gone on to prove that he’s not new to this, he’s true to this. MK here, MK there, whatever MK makes, the fashionistas want it all. And although it’s true that there’s something to be said for a simple design, sometimes the draw is in craving that more is more product that is intentionally

GirlBoss – How to Be One; Print Your Own 3D Accessories

GirlBoss. Boss Chick or Boss Boy, whichever applies to you, step into your destiny (cue inspiring Rocky sound track).  This Accessories Blogger is BEYOND excited to share the scoop on a specialty company called that allows you to CREATE your own 3D print jewelry and SELL it. This is not a sponsored post, and I’m this; sharing some of my fave inspiration pieces. You can make everything from awesome necklace pendants, to chic cuff links, to key-chains, to bold bracelets, to