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Cheap Accessories – 10 Essential Accessories No BASIC Babes

Sometimes Cheap Accessories freakin’ rule. Sure, Zara, Bauble Bar, Urban Outfitters, and the like all have their own fashion lane. But can we all agree upon how appropriate the Forever21 name is (and...

09 06 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Golden Globes 2017- Fashion Slayers and Style No Ma’ams

So, the Golden Globes 2017 HAPPENED. And we were by the tube front and center to see what your favorite celebrities were wearing with our eyes keenly zoomed into the...

10 01 2017 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
Kim Kardashian Fashion
Kim Kardashian Instagram Do|4 Steps to Channeling Your Inner Kim K

The Kim Kardashian Instagram  game has her OWNING it. About as much as Oprah I love bread Winfrey. This fashion jewelry accessories blogger most certainly isn't a kiss up, but I...

06 11 2016 / Posted by Cityrocka Perry
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