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Fashion Inspo – Mad Hatters the Ultimate Accessory We’re Crazy For

Fashion Inspo stalking alert. With the fall season swinging into high gear, we can all only brace ourselves for the big chill about to head our way. Quite naturally for the fashionista, this involves

finessing an extension of style by way of cool puffer down coats, quilted leather moto jackets, soft knit scarves to bundle up in, and toasty warm gloves; preferably ones that allow the use of our electronic devices to take an appropo selfie. Oh, and hats.  After writing the prior sentence, this Style Accessories blogger stands corrected for providing you with a most underwhelming description. *Ahem-Ahem* It is THEE HAT, the SEASON of THE HATS actually, and it will dominate and define your most memorable Autumn/Winter fashion Inspo moments.

Fashion Accessories Confidential – The Style Secret Stifling Your Swag

FASHION sense isn’t a trait that most of us are born with.

We’re not wah-wah-wahing straight out of the birth canal demanding Chanel and Stella McCartney. We’re naked. For the love and hate of FOMO,  Cityrocka Perry can only SPECULATE about the humble beginnings of STYLE choices. There are so many questions that I’d like to have answers to—like, who was the fashion strategist that decided that cave people should wear their animal skins asymmetrically? And WHO had the insight and wisdom to already know that leopard spots aren’t just a trend or a

This is How I’d Get Caitlyn Jenner On the Best Dressed Style List…

Caitlyn Jenner recently once made a very powerful speech at the 2015 Espy Awards.It seems that Caitlyn is gunning for a best dressed spot already concerned about receiving backlash from the Fashion Police and how she’ll measure up.  With no judgement centered on the entire Bruce/Caitlyn transformation, Cityrocka Perry can honestly say that it was the below  statement which beckoned out as a cry for FASHION ADORNMENTS HELP to this Accessories Blogger.