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Snob Proof -10 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Cheapskates

Christmas Gift Ideas running on empty? Well, what you may be experiencing really isn’t that uncommon. We’ve all been on the receiving end. You noisily tear off the frilly red bow and gold paper wrapping only to discover that what’s inside of the gift box is—a package of socks. Or yet another toaster that heaven only knows you really don’t need. Holiday gifts are supposed to make people happy, not turn them into being dishonest folks forced to pretend smile and feign December 25th,

The Choker Top – Yep, It’s An EPIC Fashion Accessory

*Fashion Accessory FAB.  The Choker Top is the latest EVERYTHING. It’s new on the SCENE and BE SEEN in, and very much a she’s-gotta-have-it item. I know exactly what you’re thinking; but Cityrocka Perry, the choker top isn’t a fashion jewelry accessory. HA. But that’s where you’re wrong my embellishing lovin’ friends. The choker top actually serves double duty. And what I heart most about this product will probably be the draw for you as well. This fashion jewelry accessories item actually serves up double duty. It’s a women’s top that moonlights as *gasp* A NECKLACE.

There’s Something About Faith | New Music Preview | The Fab Jewelry Of Faith Evans

I’m blogging again, and this one couldn’t wait. I’m so excited that singer songstress Faith Evans is on the comeback to the R and B Music scene again, and she’s pushing one of my favorite topics. FAITH. Check out her video trailer and how her stylist has her rocking everything CHAIN GANG STYLE. Shout out to Concrete Loop for the video.


Today’s quite a busy one People. Two posts in one day! Singer Usher Raymond claims that he was robbed of over a million dollars in jewelry! Here’s what he alleges thus far. It happened in the ATL. (down-low perps trying to get icy while not trying to be Tardy for the Party maybe?) It happened while he was inside of the AT&T phone store. (Should we be on the lookout for a tatted up Usher with the name Cookie logoed on his upper chest?) Okay, in all seriousness, we do hope that the Let it Burn singer gets his pricey belongings returned. Nobody can afford to Light it Up in a recession :) The jewelry was left sitting in the back of his GMC Yukon. And one of the AT&T employees claims to have seen the crime when it was in progress….No snitching policy? Old girl better start talking… Usher’s just the one to talk to if you got Confessions…..