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Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – All the Single Ladies Feels

You’d better believe that Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are buzzing around in the heads of many, with only some taking action on the idea as we get closer to that February 14th date. It’s such the big deal—the flowers, the candy, the teddy bears—the intimate meals for two. Cityrocka Perry thinks it’s all incredibly overrated; particularly if you’re not the type to be easily impressed by any of those things. Take me out when your Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are your everyday ideas. Get me a cluster of darling peonies— or a single gardenia that I can appreciate the smell of. Surprise me by cleaning my NYC apartment. Do my dishes (I’ve got square plates and that ish can be hard to clean). Make dinner and give me a scalp massage with ZERO expectations after— unless I say I want it to go down. *Kanye Shrugs*

Rihanna Work – Fashion Do Headphones Edition

Rihanna THOSE FANCY HEADPHONES. It may be VERY ignorant, but this blog post is focused on headphones that serve double duty as a listening device and one of those I- gotta-have-it items that style mavens worship for FORM over function. Go on and Accessorize like a BEAST. Life is too short.

Accessorizing with Monograms—Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Accessorizing with Monograms—Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Think about it. Letters are EVERYTHING when it comes to defining who you are. Letters form words. Letters spell out YOUR NAME. You're suddenly so----YOU. And not to mince WORDS, but this particular Accessories Style Blogger, Cityrocka Perry, wants you to know right at this very second that you are just as important and newsworthy as any one of those celebrities out there. So take that as the Celebrity Gossip for this post.