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4 Steps – to Channeling Your Inner Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West Fashion Accessories game has her OWNING it. About as much as Oprah I love bread Winfrey. This fashion jewelry accessories blogger most certainly isn’t a kiss up, but I have to confess that it’s been hella-fun to watch Kimmie evolve. From the well-to-do Kardashian Armenian heritage to this RICH never-not-even-a-single-hair out-of-place stepford-esque protégée of hubby Yeezy and Muvva to North West and Saint, this chick has made Kim K into a

How to Crown Yourself Urban Princess Style – No Prince Required

Crown yourself. She’s Your Queen  Urban Princess to Be…… Crown yourself even if you don’t live in a CASTLE. Even if you’re not a Disney character. Crown yourself even if no one asked you to, even if you’re not R&B singer Chris Brown’s daughter ROYALTY. Crown yourself even if you’re not feeling at all like anything about you is cute or REGAL. Once you do, Cityrocka can assure you that you’ll feel like the Urban

Rihanna Style Ambush|B Better Have My Accessories

 Rihanna is seldom unclear about what she wants.

So Cityrocka Perry is ripping a  Brrap.Brrap.Brrap jagged page from her book with a demand that she lets us all into her style accessories closet with the QUICKNESS. Often deliberate, with a hefty dose of shock value, her fashion picks are always meant to HIJACK attention, and bring The CONTROVERSY, with zero

Fashion Trends – Sock it To Me or Nah?

SOCK it to you or nah? Celebrities are taking a STANCE to be About That Sock Life, which means the rich are getting richer, and this FASHION accessories blogger is getting WORDIER. As consumers, we put them on, only to toss them to the side once we’re done with them, but it turns out that sock lines are BIG business. Move over soft drinks and skin care lines, socks are products