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Wedding Rings Thirst? – No Wedding Ring, No Thing

Wedding Rings Question. You know when people decide to tie the knot and make things official? There’s usually a bride and a groom, or a combo of either; someone’s generally there to marry them—rings get exchanged. Wait, did Cityrocka Perry miss something? The chosen accessories of the day does involve wedding rings doesn’t it?  But if Reality star Kim Zolciak says that the Ring, the ring don’t mean a thing, and scores of celebrities don’t wear theirs, should the rest of the world be taking heed? Not to call anyone out, but for reals, check out how long this list is that this style blogger

How to Crown Yourself Urban Princess Style – No Prince Required

Crown yourself. She’s Your Queen  Urban Princess to Be…… Crown yourself even if you don’t live in a CASTLE. Even if you’re not a Disney character. Crown yourself even if no one asked you to, even if you’re not R&B singer Chris Brown’s daughter ROYALTY. Crown yourself even if you’re not feeling at all like anything about you is cute or REGAL. Once you do, Cityrocka can assure you that you’ll feel like the Urban

Rihanna Style Ambush|B Better Have My Accessories

 Rihanna is seldom unclear about what she wants.

So Cityrocka Perry is ripping a  Brrap.Brrap.Brrap jagged page from her book with a demand that she lets us all into her style accessories closet with the QUICKNESS. Often deliberate, with a hefty dose of shock value, her fashion picks are always meant to HIJACK attention, and bring The CONTROVERSY, with zero

Rihanna Work – Fashion Do Headphones Edition

Rihanna THOSE FANCY HEADPHONES. It may be VERY ignorant, but this blog post is focused on headphones that serve double duty as a listening device and one of those I- gotta-have-it items that style mavens worship for FORM over function. Go on and Accessorize like a BEAST. Life is too short.