Anna Wintour - Gets Stoned...

Anna Wintour Gets Stoned….. But the Result Is All Kinds of Fashion Accessories Good.

Anna Wintour is a BAWSE.

Anna Wintour

Read on, my Celebrityaccessoriesandgossip readers. The Brit born Anna Wintour, or A-Win (the new nickname that I’ve chosen to lovingly call her), as in  A WIN for FASHION, gets STONED by accessorizing with her favorite jewels. Wintour layers up in strands on strands (she’s been known to rock up to 4 necklaces at a time) of crystal clear, colored, or a mixture of both as photoed  on the iconic cover of the World Street Journal above. Rest assured that it’s a jewelry vision that will NEVER become outdated. And I’m already aware of what you want to ask me.

“But, Cityrocka, I’ve seen Anna Wintour in those crystal necklaces before. Everyone has seen her in them. Do you think that she ever takes them off?”   

Silence! How dare you ask such a thing OH-THEE-OF-LITTLE-CRYSTAL-KNOWLEDGE. It’s all in fun, but  You are exposed as a naysayer. Whether she does or doesn’t, it’s Anna Wintour that we’re speaking of here. If she takes them off, then neither one of us will ever be worthy enough to see it occur. If she leaves them on, while bathing or otherwise, with the belief that a true fashionista should remain accessorized at all times, then we have to respect that. As an accessories blogger, it’s my job to enlighten, so you should probably know that crystals are also said to possess qualities which help to promote peace, harmony, and healing. Oh sure, we all know that Anna Wintour is the top editor for Vogue magazine, but it’s those things that we don’t know about Anna Wintour that makes us more intrigued about who she is.

For instance, I could drop drop some celebrity gossip, and tell you a few things that you may not know about Anna Wintour

1) She reportedly earns a cool 2 million dollars per year as the editor for Vogue Magazine.

2) Or how about, WHO SHOT YA? Anna Wintour was once fired from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine for  her decision to style models with dreadlocks on a Parisian fashion shoot.

Now that I’ve satisfied your celebrity gossip fix in this post, onto bigger and better. Okay, about those fine-as-wine crystal necklaces. The ones that Anna Wintour wears are authentic antique Georgian Collet necklaces and Edwardian jeweled necklaces. The stones can be in amethyst, topaz, and more, and they get their brilliant sparkle because of their step cut style, which is offset in oval shaped stones.  the They’re around $2,000 a piece. In old times, they were once only worn by REAL QUEENS HONEY. And here’s more history for you to indulge in if you like.

By the way, this is one of Cityrocka’s favorite looks of Anna Wintour wearing her Collet necklaces. It’s not ladies-who-lunch, it’s relaxed Anna Wintour. It’s the image of Anna that I ingrained into my head when I wrote this post because in my mind we’re just COOL LIKE THAT.


Anna Wintour

Don’t sleep on Anna Wintour. The woman knows how to change it up with her staple jewelry selections. I came across some more of her stylings on this nifty website. Now, here’s to FEEL-GOOD ACCESSORIES, and Anna Wintour. All hail the Queen. 

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