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Personalized Jewelry | Baddie Girl Custom Gold Hoop Earrings and More

Personalized jewelry. Personalized. That’s the way most of would want to have our belongings branded. You mostly hear about the rich having their items monogrammed or engraved. Nope. It isn’t a service limited to the well to do. You can have almost anything with your name or initials on it. Today, we’re focusing on custom jewelry.


All you need to know is what you want to have made, and then determine where to get it done. That’s where I come in. This clothing accessories blogger is all in. Visiting this Personalized jewelry page is about to be your pass to making your mark on society—in a fly girl sort of way of course. Scroll down and by all means, let’s do this…


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Personalized necklaces are still a Baddie Girl’s best piece of women’s jewelry. Every Baddie that I know of has at least ONE name necklace on deck. They’re still relevant for a number of reasons.


FLYYY SKY Necklace From Black Ink


One reason is that the designs are better. The jewelry designers are slaying jewelry font styles. They’re modern and cooler than ever. Another reason why nameplate necklaces are still in style is because of how they are worn (as pictured in the example above).


It’s now fashionable to wear your name or the name of a loved one and then layer it with other necklaces of meaning. You can wear it with a monogram necklace, a stone pendant, an astrological or religious pendant or choker necklace.



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Personalized earrings anyone? You can everything from gold hoop earrings to bamboo earrings to dangling earrings with your name or a saying on it.




Name earrings have done a full 360 in style with the addition of colored acrylics, bold type fonts, and beautiful women’s earring studs. No need to worry about the pull on your ears either ladies. There’s a fix for that.





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I hope that you are enjoying the Blog Personalized Jewelry Page. I will do my best to feature everything COOL; the best in all that women’s custom jewelry has to offer. 


You’ll notice that the products will be listed one day and gone another,  depending on availability. So for sure, check back often and sign up to our mailing list so that you’ll be in the know when we drop new cool women’s personalized jewelry selections! Which custom piece is your favorite?




Personalized jewelry bracelets aren’t as bold as custom name earrings, or a personalized necklace, but it’s still quite the showstopper. Just be sure to select a baddie style that’s unique jewelry. Once again, it’s all about the layering. This is where you show off your personal jewelry style.




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So I wanted to add a few personalized jewelry odds and ends that I know that you’ll be raving about. How about personal bag charms, custom bracelet charms, custom jewelry necklaces and more? Check it out below:




Here are the types of hair accessories 2019 products that are showcased on this page:


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