Fashion Trends. How To Build An IT Girl. is taking the reigns by pairing up with a top online fashion retailer FlyJane, who gets the memo on what being an It Girl entails. We stand in agreement that being fashion forward, fearless in your fashion trends style choices; with an independent sense of self are of the highest importance.


With that being said, this Fashion Accessories and Jewelry Blogger is more than happy to bring you fashion products at an affordable price point that are aimed to satisfy. Shop for women’s shoes, women’s clothing and women’s accessories that has co-signed on as being—Build An It Girl approved. BTW, All of the below picks are Fashion Accessories Friendly!

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Ahead of the Fashion Trends – How to Tell If You’re An It Girl:


  • If you call yourself an It Girl, then chances are that you might not be one. True It Girls practice modesty. In all honesty, it’s usually others who recognize It Girls for their strong sense of fashion-do’s and being a leader of fashion trends.
  • It Girls are confident, but not cocky. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you strive to be the best in doing that task then you definitely have what it takes.
  • You think ahead. Most It Girls always have a plan in mind. We’re fans of reaching milestones, we like vision boards and are true go-getters at heart.
  • It girls get the notion that sometimes you have to unfriend people in real life. These would be all of the negative-Nellies and the so-called friends who continue to want to cast shadows on you as you shine brighter than bright.


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