Warby Parker 2017 | How To Accessorize Your Eyes to be More Attractive

Warby Parker 2017 | How To Accessorize Your Eyes to be More Attractive

Warby Parker 2017, How To Accessorize Your Eyes to be More Attractive. I know exactly what you’re thinking. Ms. Fashion Accessories Blogger Cityrocka Perry, what do you mean by that? Please don’t start throwing up gang signs at me. I simply mean that if the eyes are the windows of the soul, then why not dress them up in the most amazing eye-wear ever? You may have heard of America’s Best Talent, well today we’re hosting America’s Best Eyeglasses Reviews. Although there are many eyeglass companies out there with affordable designs (no SHADE to Walmart eyeglasses), none has been labeled the Netflix of eye-wear. We’re about to discover what’s not to like about Warby Parker eyeglasses here. Read on to learn why you should probably knab a pair ASAP; for your vision, for fashion—and to possibly improve on your overall quality of life. :)


Warby Parker 2017 and Your Next Career Move – What You Need to Know Now

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Did you know that people who wear eyeglasses to job interviews are most likely to get the job? Yup. That’s yet another reason to hop on the eyeglasses bandwagon. Nothing is better than hearing the words you’re hired when you need some cash right? Now let’s get into the particulars of this VERY NOT SPONSORED WARBY PARKER blog post. Check out my all time top 5 Faves from the Eye-wear Brand that sells eye swag for under $100 with or without a prescription lens.


Warby Parker 2017  TOP 5 Best Frames


Warby Parker 2017 - Laurel


#1  The Laurel 17. – Clear eyeglass Frames are SO SO SO the future. I’m partial to anything blush colored or neutral these days (balme it on Kim Kardashian). Anyway, clear frames are sort of there, but not there. They’re fashionable, but still allow your eyes to be the true star of the show. The Warby folks got this one oh-so-right.


Warby Parker 2017 - Welty


#2 The Welty. It’s an ombre eyeglasses design, meaning it’s two-toned (you know like ombre hair extensions), and the experience of trying them on is kind of like screwing in a light bulb. They’re so pretty and fashion forward.


Warby Parker 2017 - Ella


#3 The Ella. Maybe songtress Rihanna was speaking of this frame early on with her popular Umbrella-ella-ella tune. You won’t want to stand under it, but you will want to slip on this modern, in your face, bold eyeglasses frame that will make you appear as if you Kanye West and Sway HAVE ALL OF THE ANSWERS to life’s every question.



Warby Parker 2017 - Kimball

#4 The Kimball. Who doesn’t love an edgy tortoise eyeglass frame? It’s chic, it’s I work in the fashion industry, and even if you don’t, you at least appear like Anna Wintour herself may have allowed her eyes to flash upon you for looking the the cool-kid-club part.


Warby Parker 2017 - York

#5 The York. Aviators are such a style do these days, and now that’s not limited to sunglasses. You can actually wear clear aviator eyeglasses and Warby Parker has them in two shades in this particular model. Silver or a navy blue hue which is out of this world must-have. And if you have any worries about the lenses getting damaged, don’t. Warby has already solved the problem by making them anti-scratch and anti reflective so you can stunt on your Instagram page in them.


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