Lit Over the Knee Boot Storage – Ingenious Ideas for Shoeaholics

Lit Over the Knee Boot Storage – Ingenious Ideas for Shoeaholics

Over the knee boot storage is quite the big deal —or at least it should be if you think of yourself as being a dedicated shoeaholic.  With all of the boot lover temptation online and in the retail shoe stores, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve amassed a possible variety of over the knee boot footwear. But how exactly have you been storing them?  If you want to be one of those individuals whose determined to make what you buy last (especially the LIT  ish that we post up in on the gram and such), then this might be a dream fashion accessories and jewelry post come TRUE. The topic, HOW to store your over the knee boots.  Yup, you gon’ learn today. And I’m going to make it super simple for you to do so by giving you all the info that you need.


Search and Assist – Where Are Your Over the Knee Boots Being Stored Now?

C’mon, I promise not to judge. Tell me. Are they rolled up underneath your bed? Are they lining the bottom of your closet, or are they jammed inside of  an attractive box or basket somewhere? So, it’s not that I want to be the one to break this news to you, but none of those options are suitable enough for your lady-lovely kicks. These are sure over the knee boot storage no-no’s. They’ll only become wrinkled and prone to be damaged by whatever else is stored in the container along with them.


The Best Over the Knee Boot Storage Ideas

There are a number of options out there, and you can go with the one which suits you best in terms of cost, the amount of space that you have available, and ease of use.  Now let’s get started so that you can sing Cityrocka Perry’s fashion accessories storage solution praises, shall we? If you like what you see, you know what to do.


1 – Boxes. This has got to be the most typical shoe storage solution. And while you won’t get the exact size that you need to accommodate the length of your fab footwear, you can get the job done with a little folding that shouldn’t affect the boots too much. Just make sure that you get the boot boxes; it makes up for the sizing issue. You can get a set of 4 right here for under $30.



2 – Now if you still want to store your boots in the closet, but would just like to have them sitting pretty and on something sturdier, then you may want to consider a boot organizer or a boot organizer rack. There’s also the Bootique Boot Rack, which can accommodate the fashion maven with more boots than they can handle. All will maintain the shape of your shoe similarly to how they came when you tossed the tissue paper aside and first opened up that box of over the knee boots in all its fresh from the stock room splendor.

Over the Knee Boot Storage bootique rack

The Bootique Boot Rack



Over the Knee Boot Storage boot organizer

The Boot Organizer




3 – Can we revisit the space underneath your bed again without outright calling you a fraidy cat? This fashion blogger of everything fashion jewelry and accessories related says yes. If you must store there, then let’s not make it into a bad thing. Girlfriends/boyfriends, did you know that they make under the bed boot storage too?  Think how good you’re going to sleep knowing that your over the knee boot storage needs are just within reach :)


Over the Knee Boot Storage under the bed


4 – Let’s get vertical. If you’ve got the spot in mind, you can hang a half-dozen of your boots from this hanging boot rack.  You could even display them as if they’re works of art. Now that I think of it, if your boots just want to hang out anywhere wherever, you could easily use boot hangers.  A set of 10 can be all yours for under $20. Just imagine the possibilities Gems…


Over the Knee Boot Storage vertical rack


So has this over the knee boot storage blog post delivered for you?  I certainly hope so. I also hope that you get more use out of your over the knee boots. I hope that you’re able to flex, and I hope that you feel great about the investment that you chose to slip onto your feet, and pull over your  knees.


Until Next time,


Cityrocka Perry

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