4 Steps - to Channeling Your Inner Kim Kardashian West

4 Steps – to Channeling Your Inner Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West Fashion Accessories game has her OWNING it. About as much as Oprah I love bread Winfrey. This fashion jewelry accessories blogger most certainly isn’t a kiss up, but I have to confess that it’s been hella-fun to watch Kimmie evolve. From the well-to-do Kardashian Armenian heritage to this RICH never-not-even-a-single-hair out-of-place stepford-esque protégée of hubby Yeezy and Muvva to North West and Saint, this chick has made Kim K into a brand that so many want to emulate. And in the words of Shakespeare, a most gifted poet, to be, or not to be, begs the question behind the draw that is Kim Kardashian West.

Here’s a word that comes to mind. Wheelhouse. For anyone on the verge of clicking off this specialty fashion and accessories trends page—wait. It means that a particular topic is an area of specialty. And Fashion Accessories and Jewelry, has Cityrocka Perry written all over it. Now then,  let’s explore what makes Kim Kardashian West an It Girl of style.

Chick started out wearing large costume jewelry earrings,but then eventually transitioned into small diamond studs—ones that probably cost more than my combined yearly salary of a few years. She’s sending a definite message alright; that you don’t have to broadcast the money when you have plenty of it.

Feeling Insecure? That “Ish” Never Happens When You Wear a Belt.



Kim Kardashian West BELT – Preferably Balmain. Substantial enough to compliment curves while making you feel superior. Kim Kardashian is a mega fan of waist belts and corsets. She’ll put one on over a tee shirt, a coat, a dress or a sweater.

It’s Cuffing Season.
And when Cityrocka Perry says cuffing season, she means bracelet cuff. Kim Kardashian West Bracelet Cuff – Kim Kardashian will wear like ONE. On occasion. All of those stacks on stacks of Cartier? Nah, Little sister Kylie Jenner can jingle all of that jewelry in her own crib.

Kim Kardashian West NECKLACE –   And the #1 Reason Why The Choker Won’t Go Away Anytime Soon
Don’t blame it on the alcohol, Blame it on Kim Kardashian West. The Social media star is still making fashion moments out of wearing them. In fact, I can promise you that there are Youtubers somewhere tightening the fabric around their tender young necks as I craft this very fashion blog post.

Kim-KRemove featured image

Kim Kardashian West SHOES – Kanye West makes shoes. Kim wears the shoes. They are Yezzy’s. Biggie Smalls stop it if you gonna make a profit?!? Please. Not in this very capitalist society that we live in. Oh, and by the way, the West shoes aren’t made for comfort. They’re made to be SEEN. Plexiglass heels and all.



Now. Which one of you out there has brought out the contour kit, lippies, lashes, and gloss? Scroll down for some more Kim Kardashian West inspiration, but just remember that you’re MOST BEAUTIFUL too.


Until next Time,

Cityrocka Perry xoxo


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