Basketball Wives - Can't Look Away 2017 Trends Accessories

Basketball Wives – Can’t Look Away 2017 Trends Accessories

The Basketball Wives are baaaackkkk….Were you front and center like me, there for all of the *sips tea* catch-up on all of the cast favorites like Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie and Shaunie O’Neil? And were you scoping out what they were wearing; taking a particular interest in their Basketball Wives 2017 fashion accessories?  Yaaas…They didn’t disappoint, the girls were extra in every way. There was lots to see in everything over-sized, chunky, and all up in your face. Let’s get into what makes the Basketball Wives Cast chicks so big, so bad and so bold.


Basketball Wives – Bangles, a pair with plenty to spare


Basketball Wives Bracelets

If you were to do a wrist check, don’t expect to find any of those where-they-at minimalist barely-there jewelry pieces. You’re positively going to see them stacking up on pricey Cartier nail bracelets. You’ll see them styled to no end, one atop the other, like that pictured above. Evelyn from Basketball Wives opened up the show with this look that showed from the jump that she’s never the one to hold back on being jewelry excessive. Newsflash goodness. You can get the stacked bracelet look here, here, and here,  for only a fraction of the cost. Not the thousands and thousands of dollars that someone paid for Ev’s. I also like this set, because you can get the full effect in one swoop with a one-stop purchase. I like to switch it up and get unique with my bracelet stacks, so I’d probably add this with a few plainer bangles to create some real wrist candy. Do you like? I could style bangles all day actually. Let me know what you  come up with Loves.


Basketball Wives – About. That. Hoop. Life.



Basketball Wives Hoop Earrings

The Basketball Wives hoop earrings with the balls (poparazzi hoop earrings) may have gone out of style a while ago, but don’t get it confused. A good hoop earring will always be here to stay. They’re still grandiose and round, and that will NEVER change.  The same goes for diamond stud earrings. They wear them knowing that a great pair of diamond baubles on the ears is the next best thing to wearing that big rock on their wedding finger. I founds some real beauties that are great to be seen in or that will get you in if there are ever open Basketball Wives auditions. Oh, and you’ll love this and this and this for sure.



Basketball Wives – The Shade is REAL

Basketball Wives Sunglasses


I should probably rephrase that and say that the SHADES are real. These girls stay in some cute sunnies, at least up until they’re ready to give one another a good READ. Here are my picks for the best sunglasses for women. They’re all B-Ball Wifey worthy. The yellow tinted aviators are EVERYTHING right now, and they’ll make you see the world from such a sunny perspective. The rose gold sunglasses for women will make you look like you’re an A list celebrity. Just smile, post up, and remember to do it for the GRAM.



Basketball Wives – Ring Nation


Basketball Wives Rings

Finally, we bring it all back to the stacks—the ring stacks. But to be real Basketball Wives Fashion Accessory fashionable, I’d do these faux diamond baguette stacks here. With some metallic nail polish. UUUUOOOOhhhhh. You’ll kill the game (that’s a good thing in this instance).


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Cityrocka Perry

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