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Bralettes – Where to Buy Strappy Bralettes and Unleash Your Inner Fashion Vixen

Bralettes – Where to Buy Strappy Bralettes and Unleash Your Inner Fashion Vixen. Say it with me now, BRALETTE. The word itself sounds so cute doesn’t it? In this fashion blog post, we’re giving big props to this fab fashion accessory. By the title you’ve probably guessed that I’ll be informative, but it might not be enough for some of you to just know where to buy them. Many of you fashionistas may not know what one is.

Warby Parker 2017 | How To Accessorize Your Eyes to be More Attractive

Warby Parker 2017, How To Accessorize Your Eyes to be More Attractive. I know exactly what you’re thinking. Ms. Fashion Accessories Blogger Cityrocka Perry, what do you mean by that? Please don’t start throwing up gang signs at me. I simply mean that if the eyes are the windows of the soul, then why not dress them up in the most amazing eye-wear ever? You may have heard of America’s Best Talent, well today we’re hosting America’s Best Eyeglasses Reviews. Although there

Fashion Jewelry and Accessories – Top 3 Rachete Cardi B Ways to Make Yours Last Forever…

Fashion jewelry and accessories are on another level these days, and I just can’t wait.  What I’m saying, is that  there are too many  times when I want almost everything that I see. Lowkey, I’m like a flower just waiting to go full bloom in the spring, showcasing  the goods that are waiting to make their grand entrance on my face, waist, arms, and legs (not all at the same time though). We’ve been having some 60 degree days in New York, but it’s still winter here.  I don’t want to speed on

Grammy Awards 2017 – Fashion Rundown, Who Run This Town Tonight?

Grammy Awards 2017. Let’s fess up now. We all watched, everybody on this spinning planet; and we all know why. What’s that you say? “You only watched to see what people were wearing.”  Plug in comedian Kevin Hart’s infamous What Now comedy stand up line—-Really??????????….?????    Be candid. We couldn’t wait to see Beyonce and her twin baby bump.Those two babies in utero are the best fashion accessories of the Grammy Awards 2017 night, the youngest to every receive