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Perspex Heels,Clear Fashion Accessories, Trendy to CLASSIC Chick

04 July 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

Clear Fashion Accessories, the transparent fashion trend, perspex heels, it’s all apparently on every woman’s style radar.  And for clothing accessories that are so evidently see through—-I find it ironic how much we’re actually seeing it (the clear fashion bag, the clear fashion sunglasses, the clear shoes, the clear everything) like everywhere.

Clear Fashion Accessories – Overload?

Do you believe me when I say that this fashion blogger just wants you to know that she’s been burning the midnight oil to make sure that this isn’t just another clear accessories fashion post? (Don’t burden yourself with worry. The voices in my head have already revealed to me that you do).


So let’s get to it, and how you can master wearing clear fashion accessories in a way that doesn’t belittle you into being just another walking, talking, trending accessories 2019 chick.

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Clear Fashion Accessories

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Plastic Fashions By All Means

So there are 3 main fashion catastrophes that you completely need to steer clear of. Ladies, most of these transparent apparel and accessories are made of polymethyl methacrylate (the same material as plexiglass or lucite).  That’s basically fancy wording for plastic.  This means that:

  1. You will SWEAT
  2. You will SLIDE
  3. And the combination of these actions can result in a…let’s just say a not so lady-like foot ODOR.

We’re having none of that, so we’ll get one commonly used no-no out of the way first.  Many of you could very well know better, but there’s bound to still be some lost ones out there. Please do not use baby powder.


Pretty, pretty please do not use baby powder on your feet with clear heels. It will show and make your feet look like you’ve been jumping around in all-purpose flour. I promise on everything that this no-sweat method will turn catastrophic.


For the Perspex Heels Sweating and Smell – Get your hands on a lifesaver called Right Foot. This is a product that will stop foot odor and reduce sweating in your clear heels.  I like it because it’s all natural and on the cheap. The last thing that you need is to come down with a case of sweaty foot hives right?

For the Perspex Heels Slipping and Sliding – Use Foot Petals, they’re handy inserts that go inside of the shoe. It will totally assist in preventing your feet from sliding forward too much in perspex heels. However, if you are planning on going to a dance club or going too hard (Cardi B grooving in your clear shoes)—Sis, just don’t do it. All I’m saying is that you may need to do a shoe check to make certain that those inserts don’t end up underneath the bar somewhere.

Clear Fashion Accessories

Or… What’s Hottest From Where I stand

Here are the clear fashion accessories that beckoned out to me. I feel like these fashion accessory picks are wearable not only now, but wearable far into the future.


As a relevant Fashionista, lasting clothing accessories—is exactly what you want to invest in because cheap accessories come a dime a dozen.

Clear Fashion Accessories – Shoes

Let’s be CLEAR. If there’s anything to be said about how I went about choosing the below perspex heels, it’s this—The whole shoe doesn’t have to be constructed out of perspex unless you want it to be.


You like these clear shoes heels by Fenty? I see these with some Stunna sunglasses.

Make it about the subtle detail when it comes to this see-through trend. The best part of the clear shoes draw, is the mystique. You want to show off that touch of edginess while you still display your style.


Clear sneakers are one of the newest athleisure style trends.  Perspex heels and clear heels have been dominating fashion, but this design allows for you to have more fun with it.


Just remember to sometimes make it all about the socks, and they shouldn’t be thick. Here are some clear sneakers that nabbed my attention. Shout out to the clear Nike sneakers…

Clear Fashion Accessories – Earrings

Clear hoops, transparent hoops, acrylic hoops, and earrings—they’re all the same. What I like about them most is that you can wear them with anything, and they’re super light on the ear.




Clear Fashion Accessories – Bags

Don’t get all caught up; remember to tell yourself that before you buy your clear fashion bag or clear fashion backpack.


Steer clear of anything additional ie…no holographic clear bag, no clear bag with words (well you can, but I’ll explain later), no clear bag with extra adornment, or frills. Any of the below are highly intelligent fashion choices:


You’ll find that I stick to my own rules. Do you see bag#1? (from left to right) This is a great example of how to place your essentials. Make it black (anything else might be considered cheesy).


It sort of look like a set and it’s cool. Bag #2 is Chanel and you get points for being unique and for owning the quilted, plastic, see-through stellar brand. #3 Is a raincoat for your handbag.

How clever right? Girl, ain’t nobody out in the elements trying to get their designer purse wet. Werrk it.  Keep scrolling for more of my classic and thought-provoking clothing accessory finds…


Clear Fashion Accessories –  Clear Eyeglasses and Clear Sunglasses

clear fashion accessories

Aren’t these clear glasses for women impressive? Click on the photo to make them yours. ASAP.

As it turns out, I’ve always had a fondness for clear specs. They’re on your face, they’re not on your face, and that’s what makes them most intriguing to me.




It goes back to my point on investing in clothing accessories that don’t have an expiration date.  Lots of clear women’s eyeglasses captured my attention. Below are a few of my fave see-through frames though:

Clear Fashion Accessories – Rainy Day Ready

It only makes sense to include clear fashion finds for the rainy day occasions right? No one’s trying to make anyone else feel bad, but don’t be shocked by the spectators who will only wish that they were as fashionably prepared as you are… You know how we do. Click on any one of the photos to make it yours.

Who can’t use a clear umbrella? It’s adorable to use, goes with ANY outfit, and you can see where you’re going without bumping into people. There’s an even cooler transparent umbrella with a light too!

A clear rain jacket that’s also a moto jacket? Yes-please-and-thank-you.

Clear hats—need it now. Cue Mary J Blige’s hit song You Remind Me and insert Chanel Hat knockoff here.  You’ll SAVE yourself some serious cash with this one Babes.

Perspex Outfit Ideas –  Clear

I have to share that I love the simplicity that comes with the easiness of putting together a clear sunglasses outfit. 


As it turns out, it’s no harder than styling yourself without glasses.  Check on it with the perspex outfit ideas that I’ve provided you with for your viewing pleasure below:





That’s about it for today, my clothing accessories lovers! Until next time,


Cityrocka Perry


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