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2019 – Best Adidas Women’s Shoes & Surefire Adidas Outfits Fashion Slay

22 March 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

This Best Adidas Women’s Shoes and Surefire Adidas Outfits Fashion Slay post has me—hyped.  There’s something about NOT trying so hard to be fashionable, there’s something amazing about adding an element of comfort in a “fit” that’s affordable. 

What’s a Fashionista to do when she wants to feel  COMFORTABLE, without sacrificing style with a look that appears as if she’s been sent from the style GAWDS up above?  Chick gets herself some athleisure.

 In short, Athleisure is work-out clothes which are designed to be fashionable, with one not necessarily having to be associated with exercise or being inside of a gym. 


When one thinks of work-out clothes, there’s one name that has stood the test of time. ADIDAS.  So Let’s get to it. We’re about to jump into all of the deets of this 3-stripe  Insta-Baddie activewear brand below.



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 Adidas 411 | Adidas Women



What Does Adidas Really Stand For?


Every enterprising business with any level of success had to start somewhere, and the Adidas empire is no exception. I could be extra explanatory, but if you’re anything like me, your brain starts to wander upon receiving too much info. 


For you scholars and brainiacs seeking more, here are the particulars of how the Adidas company started way back in 1949. 


All you need to know is that the Adidas business model was built on the foundation of sports. What’s funny now, is these days, all we want to do is SPORT the Adidas fashion designs.  #eathealthytho #everythinginmoderation.

Adidas Shoes Falcons




The Adidas Falcon sneakers. Kylie Jenner has definitely helped to make this a fashion must-have. They come in so many cute color combos now that a chick is encouraged to switch it up on em.’


Adidas Swift Run Women

The reviews are in yet on whether the Adidas Swift Run will have you running any faster, but you will certainly look cute while attempting to do so as you review your Fitbit numbers…

Adidas NMD Women’s


Click the photo to make these custom NMD’s yours now.


If you want to know,  the Adidas NMD Women’s collection includes the following types of Adidas shoes: NMD_R1, NMD_R2, XR1, CS1, and CS2 (City Sock).


There’s practically a look for every lifestyle, bringing today’s sneaker fashion visuals and innovative technology to the streets.


In other words, dress them up or dress them down. Don’t be shocked to see Adidas nmd women on a chick with a skirt on, because this Adidas Outfit idea for Women, is very much happening.



Adidas Women Shoes – Yeezy

Rapper Kanye West isn’t winning the popular vote in social and political circles right now, but folks love themselves some Adidas women shoes Yeezys…




Adidas Shoes Superstar Women’s


The Adidas Superstar for women is a style staple. It’s an urban classic, only getting better as it ages. Today’s modern designs gives the ever-popular Rap group Run-DMC walk-this-way vibes.



Adidas Shoes Stan Smith Women’s


Adidas stan Smith Women. I don’t care what the year or day is. If I put on a pair of white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, I get tons of compliments. They are forever so fresh and so clean. 

Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost 

The Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost is tops for their sock-like construction and prime-knit cushion comfort design. And being pretty to look at doesn’t hurt either. Check out some of the best below:



Adidas Women’s Pod

The Adidas Women’s Pod shoes has been called the lifestyle silhouette sneaker. They’ve been created to work and play in. I have to say that I do find them to be beauties…



Adidas Edge Lux Women’s


The Adidas Edge Lux Running shoes has been gaining lots of traction these days. If it’s comfy and it looks good then I say go for it.



Best Adidas Outfits for Women – Dresses


Get it Girl. Right? The open toe shoe booties and a sporty dress can practically take you wherever you want it to go. Exaggerated hoop earrings, A hint of a pretty color, and a nude block heel. It’s all you’ll ever need to get your best Adidas outfit for women LIFE.




It’s the Adidas EQT Dress. Click on the photo to close the deal. We want this all over our body don’t we ladies?

I feel like one could hit up a party, a picnic, visit an amusement park, board a plane, or lounge around at home and be Tiffany Haddish, SHE READY.




And here’s the Adidas Originals 3-Stripes Dress. Simple enough to roll out of bed, shower and wear with the appropo Adidas women’s sneaker style.  I am swayed towards the Adidas Running Alphabounce kicks in white on white.


Adidas Women Pants

Adidas women’s pants. They have the ability to make you look long and lean like you’re a workout beast. You can wear them with an Adidas tank or a simple tee. Better yet would be a fabulous Adidas bodysuit or Adidas sports bra. Check some out below:




And if you decide to actually go in on the workout routine, then participate hit the play button and let Samira Mustafaeva give you that Adidas Full Body Hiit Workout Plan.


Best Adidas Outfits for Women – TrackSuits



Yup, it’s an Adidas Skirt Tracksuit! (Also comes in black)

The Adidas Trefoil Track Jacket is Here and the Adidas Silk Tulle  Skirt is Here.

Are you KEEPING TRACK of this Fashion Blog post so far? I am sooooooo smitten with a great Adidas Track Suit. There are no worries about what to wear with what because you purchase the top and matching bottom.


Nothing to think about, straightforward and very It Girl. Khloe Kardashian paired her black and white Adidas tracksuit with aviator glasses lace-up shoe booties, and a prominent nail color.





 Camel and gray anyone? It’s so good to be neutrally fashionable in a way that STILL manages to make you look like you could be a fashion stylist by trade. Do you peep the Timberland boots incorporated into the below outfit? Edgy AF.



As you can see, it really is about being comfortable. Taking fashion risks definitely will set you apart from everyone else.



Click the photo to buy these now!




Here are some swanky Adidas Outfit ideas that I’m presently co-signing if you’d rather not think of what to put together:


Adidas Bodysuit Trends 



The Adidas bodysuit is meant to be seen. The Adidas logo active-wear is really on-trend, and they look bomb with jeans, joggers or shorts. Check out some cute options below:



The Adidas Fannypack 

I will defend the fannypack to the end. I promise you that if you rock a gorgeous one you won’t regret it. Here’s a genius article on the new way to wear a fanny pack 2019 or,  how us New-Yawkers get down with it. 


Adidas Watch

It’s the Adidas watch. Tick tock. Tick tock. Sporty and chic at the same time, these timepieces come in an assortment of vibrant colors to match every outfit.



Adidas Swag – More of it By Popular Demand

I know that there are more women’s Adidas options out there that you want to see. And I can show you better than I can tell you …


 Adidas backpack –  Adidas Bags for Women

This is life. You’ve amassed things. Things that may of be of importance. But you can’t sensibly carry it all around in your two hands all day. And that’s where the Adidas Backpack and Adidas Bags come in…..


Adidas Hat Women’s – Adidas Baseball


Have you ever WISHED for a bad hair day? Have you ever fearlessly gazed out of the window when the rain is pelting roughly against the glass? 

You surely must have a few Adidas Women’s hats in tow to choose from. And if you don’t then get you some ASAP. Here you go Babes:


So get this. I tried, tried, tried to end this blog post—kind of like we were in a bad relationship. Too much of a good thing simply isn’t good for anyone. But if I left THESE  women’s Adidas Top Fashion picks out?




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I love this article I’m Obsessed d with Adidas I have two pair of the new ones you just posted and I love the multi colored jacket

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Love the article I have two new pairs which I love and I love the multi colored jacket you put there

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