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Best Adidas NMD Womens & Adidas Outfit Slay 2018

22 March 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

This Best Adidas nmd Womens and Adidas Outfits for Women Fashion post has me allll….. the way hyped. What does a Fashionista do when she wants to feel unquestionably COMFORTABLE, but still wants to look like she’s been sent from the Style GAWDS above?  Chick conveniently SLIPS into some athleisure. If you need a legit definition of the Athleisure term, I’ve provided it for you. In short, Athleisure is work-out clothes which are designed with style, worthy enough to wear to places outside of the gym. Next quick question. When one thinks of work-out clothes, what major brand pops into your mind? ADIDAS.  So Let’s get physical. We’re about to jump into the 3- stripe slayer details on this popular activewear brand below.


Best Adidas NMD Womens and   Adidas Women’s Outfits – How Did Adidas Start?

adidas-outfit-ideas-9Just know that every enterprising business with any level of success had to start somewhere, and the Adidas empire is no exception. I could be explanatory, and go all into the details for you, but if you’re anything like me, your brain starts to wander upon receiving too much info. For you scholars and brainiacs, here are the particulars of how the Adidas company started way back in 1949 anyway. Thanks Google.  In essence, the Adidas business model all has to do with the foundation of sports, and now these days—-all we want to do is SPORT the Adidas design and show how flexin’ works with no association to being near a gym. #eathealthytho #everythinginmoderation.

Adidas NMD Womens

Adidas NMD WomensIf you want to know,  the NMD collection includes the following types of Adidas shoes: NMD_R1, NMD_R2, XR1, CS1 and CS2 (City Sock). There’s practically a look for every lifestyle, bringing today’s sneaker fashion visuals and innovative technology to the streets. In other words, dress them up or dress them down. Don’t be shocked to see Adidas nmd womens on a chick with a skirt on, because this Adidas Outfit idea for Women, is happening.

Best Adidas Outfits for Women – Dresses


Get it Girl. Right? The open toe shoe booties and a sporty dress can practically take you wherever you want it to go. Exaggerated hoop earrings, A hint of a pretty color, and a nude block heel. It’s all you’ll ever need to get your best Adidas outfit for women LIFE.



It’s the Adidas EQT Dress. Click on any photo to close the deal. We want this all over our body don’t we? I feel like one could hit up a party, a picnic, visit an amusement park, board a plane, or lounge around at home and be Tiffany Haddish SHE READY.


Here’s the Adidas Originals 3-Stripes Dress. Simple enough to roll out of bed, shower and wear with any classic Adidas style women’s sneakers (although I am swayed towards the Adidas nmd Womens). There’s another cutesy option Adidas dress option here in standout red.


Best Adidas Outfits for Women – TrackSuits

Are you KEEPING TRACK of this Fashion Blog post so far? I am sooooooo smitten with a great Adidas Track Suit. There are no worries about what to wear with what because you purchase the top and matching bottom. Nothing to think about, straightforward and very It Girl. Khloe Kardashian paired her black and white Adidas tracksuit with aviator glasses lace-up shoe booties, and a prominent nail color.


Check out a little bit of Girlpower Adidas It-Girl Inspo. Warning –  Warning: The below video will bring out your TAKEOVER SPIRIT. 

Back to our previously scheduled Fashion blog post. Camel and gray anyone? It’s so good to be neutrally fashionable in a way that STILL manages to make you look like you could be a fashion stylist by trade. Do you peep the Timberland boots? Edgy AF.


A floral and a pastel? Yup. Adidas is doing it. Super femme and fly in a best Adidas Outfits for women type of way. It comes in a couple of colors and I’ve included the info down under inside of the Women’s Adidas themed shopping bar.

best Adidas outfits for women


You have to be pretty fearless and live-life-out-loud to enjoy a printed Adidas track short set. It definitely will set you apart from everyone else.

best Adidas outfits for women

These are some bold printed short sets that I heart. Look Shop. Get Spring and Summer season prepared.

 Adidas Shoes – More of it By Popular Demand

I know that there are more women’s Adidas sneaker options out there (other than adidas nmd womens) that you want to see. And I can show you better than I can tell you. To all my women sneakerheads, if you don’t see a pair that you like in this group of women’s Adidas running shoes, then keep going, going, going, and head for THE HILLS…

 Adidas backpack –  Adidas Bags for Women

 Sometimes, you’ve just got to try your best and go all out. This is life. You’ve amassed things. Things that may of be of importance. Things that you can’t sensibly carry around in your two hands all day. And that’s where the Adidas Backpack and Adidas Bags come in…..

 Adidas Hat Women’s –  Adidas Baseball

Have you ever WISHED for a bad hair day? Have you ever NOT wanted to cry your eyes out after gazing out of the window when the rain is pelting roughly against the glass? Then you must have a few Adidas Women’s hats in tow—-either that or you’re actively in search of some Adidas women’s hat swag. Here you go Babes:

ADIDAS nmd Womens sneakers |  MORE of my Custom Pick OOTD’s

As a Fashion Accessories Blogger, I always have to overdo it. Be all EXTRA.  Somehow I substantiate this with the thought that it’s why you keep coming to—I truly believe that it’s why you LOVE me even MORE. Love you all too.

So get this. I tried, tried, tried to end this blog post—like we were in a bad relationship, only because too much of a good thing simply isn’t good for anyone. But if I left THESE best Adidas Accessories for Women out?

This means that I actually wouldn’t be on the job. Girl, I’ve been clocked into crafting this post ever since this morning. And when I clock out for the day, I like to be able to say JOB WELL DONE. Do you like? And nope didn’t forget about the Adidas slides. That’s another post for another day, which almost makes me human; not such a blogging over-achiever.

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This is giving me ideas. Thank you!!!

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Cityrocka Perry

You’re so welcome. Anytime :O)

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I love this article I’m Obsessed d with Adidas I have two pair of the new ones you just posted and I love the multi colored jacket

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Cityrocka Perry

Yes, great minds think alike!

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Love the article I have two new pairs which I love and I love the multi colored jacket you put there

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Cityrocka Perry

Thanks a bunch Babes. Anytime!

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I really want an Adidas tracksuit or dress!!! They are killer.

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Cityrocka Perry

You should make it happen, both are quite comfortable to move around in!

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