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2019 Hacks – Best Fashion Kit for Frenzied Fashionistas


Hacks. Who isn’t obsessed with a life-saving fashion hack? Here’s what we know no matter who we are, Meghan Markle, Beyoncé, or regular-smegular. Life happens. All the mishaps—the spills, stocking runs, sweaty, smelly, over-exposed, wrinkled, irretrievable earring, stain induced, heel breaking style disasters that occur are often unavoidable.


 So, what’s a chick to do when it Kanye All Falls Down? Be prepared. You all know the saying, right? If you stay ready, then you never have to get ready. Hacks, tips, and fashion tricks. This Clothing Accessories Blogger is going to make sure that your fashion game is on point—with a backup plan to keep it there.





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What is the meaning of a Fashion Emergency? A fashion emergency is the occurrence of anything chaotic or out of place as it relates to a complete fashion look.


Hacks | Your Makeup Bag and Makeup Organizers


We have to begin here, because Sis, you’ll very much need a cute and compact makeup bag to keep your essentials in. Moving forward, this should be the designated object that becomes your go-to, filled with all of your exclusive problem-solving necessities. Fashion hacks for ladies, come through…


I’ll start off by saying that the most practical makeup bag is a transparent one. Purchasing a clear makeup bag will allow you to see everything at a glance, at all times. I highly recommend it if your personality type is as type-A as mines; impatient, wanting the right results, like yesterday.



But wait, there’s more. I’ve assembled more of the best makeup bags and makeup organizers that any fashionista could want below. Whether you’re looking for a travel makeup bag or a cute makeup bag, I’ve got you. These picks qualify as fly and functional, and I own a few of these myself (#7 and #9).








Now you’re all ready to go to the next step, creating your emergency fashion kit. You have a couple of choices.  You can do a standard hacks fashion emergency kit, or a mini fashion emergency kit. Both are fashion lifesavers that you’ll soon cherish.




Hacks | Clothing Hacks


Clothing Hacks are next up because it’s always something or another with our clothes. This is when I am reminded that we are all only mere mortals.


It’s not like we’re Superman or Superwoman, capable of ducking into a phone booth for a quick and flawless wardrobe change. However, there are some handy solutions that can come to our rescue. Let’s get into it.



Have you joined the ItGirl Squad yet? It’s the only way that you can shop our exclusive Fab Finds and nab them for less.


Double sided tape – sometimes called fashion tape. Don’t you HATE IT when “the girls” won’t stay put inside of low cut top or dress? Let’s face it, as women, we have the option of putting it all out there, but I personally like the intrigue behind leaving something to the imagination. The last thing I want to do is keep adjusting myself while I’m out and about.





It completely defeats the purpose of wearing the OOTD or night. This transparent, double-stick sided product also serves other multi purposes. It can fake or remedy a hem that’s come loose, collect unsightly fabric fuzzies, keep layers under wraps, adjust a wayward collar, neaten belt overhangs, do away with bulky pockets, and close blouse gaps.



Hacks | Nipple Covers



Nipple covers. Yes, they’re an absolute must-have. If it’s beachside, an editorial fashion shoot, Coachella (or maybe the club), then okay. But let’s not attend a function where we’re posing as human weather trackers, displaying how cold it is in the room. Brrrr…


What Types of Nipple Covers Are There?



Silicone Nipple Covers 

Girl. There are quite a few nipple covers for us to choose from. We can go with silicone nipple covers), which are self-adhesive and appear most natural. It’s fab for sheer or very thin fabrics.   To clean, gently hand wash and let air dry. Don’t soak them. You want to preserve the tackiness so that they stay reusable.



Colors come in both brown and nude



Another option is pasties (they have an adhesive which sort of makes them the band-aid of covers), providing minimal coverage without showing everything. They come in lots of fun shapes and hues.





A word about covers – keeping nipple covers in place – It’s best to base this decision on what you plan to wear. The self-adhesive nipple covers are perfect if you are wearing a loose top or dress to prevent the cover from slipping. 


However, if you are going to wear the cover as padding beneath your bra, or if you are wearing a tight top, go for a nipple cover without any adhesive.







Cutting straight to the chase on exactly what it does, is the Hollywood Deodorant Removing Sponge – So, it’s not just removing deodorant stains from black clothes. It could be removing deodorant in general, and all without a drop of h2O. It touts the ability to remove pesky pet hairs as well as ridding yourself of make-up along the neckline, definite pluses.



Magic Eraser

That Magic Eraser is it. Just when you think that it’s only used for household cleaning jobs, it goes and proves us all wrong: 






  • Utilize it by giving your favorite white sneakers or white shoes a cleaning.


  • It will also clean smudges from your iPhone or the glass surface on other electronic devices. Use a little water and wring it out well first though.


  • It polishes gold jewelry. Rub off the tarnish (using the dry eraser sponge). Use a bit of soap and water to wipe down, and then pat dry.


  • Gets rid of hair dye from countertops (trust me when I tell you this).



Tide to Go Stain Remover


I am such a slob at times. To look at me, one would think that I am poised and the picture of elegance. But If there is a plate of really good food placed in front of me, then it all goes out of the window.




Whatever I am wearing at the time is prone to become a casualty. If you’re at home or in something that you don’t care about getting soiled, fine. But being out and about with a stain is no Bueno.  For Save an outfit 911 and more, save yourself some clothing heartache with this one.



Underarm Sweat Pads


Sometimes we sweat. Sometimes we don’t want to sweat on our pretty clothes. Enter, underarm sweat pads created to save the day. There’s an adhesive to keep them in place and no sweat stains. You might have to change a time or two if you sweat lots. No problem, because they come in bulk.




Febreeze to go


Why would a fashionista need Febreeze to go? You might ask. Well perhaps if you’ve been in contact with a chain smoker. Maybe you just want to save some cash at the dry cleaners and give your worn sweaters a quick refresh. Just leaving the gym and want to make sure that your gym bag doesn’t wreak with BO? You have the fix.




Hacks | Static Guard


Static Guard spray in the travel size is a Gawwd-send. How annoying is it when you skirt or dress clings to your leg like it’s afraid to go down like a sinking Titanic? But guess what?

Not only does it alleviate static cling, but it also will help to fight that irksome hair static when you wear scarves.




 Actually, if you’re having hair static problems in any sense, you can spray a bit on your brush, brush through, and the problem is solved.


Downy Wrinkle Relaxer


Downy Wrinkle Relaxer. None wants to appear as if they crawled out of bed in the clothing that they slept in. And just because an article of clothing looks like it can get away with not getting a proper ironing—doesn’t mean that the rest of the world will agree with you.






This product helps to eliminate and or reduce wrinkles. So, if you do nothing else, do yourself a favor and give this a few sprays in the direction of your garments to make your life easier.


Calvin Klein Women’s Invisible Thong


Before you raise your perfectly threaded eyebrows at me, wait. Somedays, a chick rushes out of the house, out the front door, hurriedly barreling towards her destination to find—that you can see right through what she’s wearing.





 Or sometimes you can be dressed to the nines, and think that you are looking great, but your panty lines are showing.


This is where this choice comes in. Ladies, if you have a spouse or significant other, you should probably explain this to them in advance. #nocheatingaccusationsplease


Sewing Repair Kit


Hey. Buttons fall off, seams come apart, hems loosen (although there’s a great no-sew product for that) Do you know how we always say that we’re going to get something again and again, but don’t? This one takes minimal effort, and you’ll be thanking yourself for finally coming through.






Now onto some more note-worthy Hacks, in the name of fashion:


Earring backs. Ladies. I will not tell a lie. It’s worth switching up on earring back sometimes. How enraged (okay, so it’s a strong word. This might just describe me, but I’m fine with it) do we get when we lose an earring that we adore?


And how upset do we get when we put on gorgeous earrings that can’t be seen because it hangs on our ears in the wrong way? These dilemmas are so solved here.


Clear Nail Polish

Who knew that clear nail polish was more than a transparent glaze over another nail cover? Do you believe that it can:






  • Prolong the life of your fashion jewelry accessories
  • Stop your shoelaces from fraying in its tracks
  • Stop a run in your stockings from getting worse
  • Stop your nails from breaking further
  • Secure loose buttons
  • Reattach cheap gems to jewelry
  • Keep your eyeglasses screws in place (apply a little and tighten the screw as you normally would)



Hacks | Shoe Hacks

Bendable Flats – Comfortable Shoes on the Go


It’s after 3:00 am in the morning, and you’ve just left the club in your Loubies or outrageously sexy high heel shoes. Your Uber hasn’t arrived, your dogs are barking and if you could walk home barefoot you certainly would. Luckily you don’t have to.



Foot Petals

Foot petals are cushions for the balls of your feet. They are used inside of the shoe to keep your feet from sliding forward. Have you ever seen someone with a magnificent pair of shoes, but their toes are hanging over the sandal? Not the most flattering look, but this is the for sure remedy.



Dr. Scholls Gel Heel Liners


If you’ve ever, ever, experience the foot pain that comes from your feet rubbing against the back of your heels, you know that it’s an unpleasant one with every little step you take. You can prevent that all together with the use of this one. I can see the spring in your step already girl—or boy 😊.



GoGo Heel Stoppers – Heel Protectors


When I first came across this glorious women’s shoe invention I was FLOORED, literally floored. This clear invention will save you and your high heels from sinking into the grass (at outdoor weddings and events). It will allow you to feel stabilized when walking across rocky surfaces, cobblestones, decks, and grates. Loves it.


gogo heel stoppers


Heel Plates – Shoe Taps


 If you pay a lot of money for your shoes then this recommendation will be worth its weight in gold. You can totally DIY it and put these taps on your coveted heel yourself to extend the life of your shoes. They come with the taps and nails, so you’re all set to get started.




Fashion Emergency Kit


If you’re feeling lazy and just want to buy a fashion emergency kit that comes with the bells and whistles, you may want to try out the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit. It’s popular and comes highly recommended. 

Hold up–hold up. Did you know that there’s even a fashion emergency kit for brides to be? What an amazing bridal shower gift would it make??!



Here are the types of fashion emergency kit hacks products that are showcased on this page:


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